Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well I completed my number one wish on my Bucket list and make my trip to New York City. It was a dream come true with a little hitch it rained the whole time we were in NYC. It was horrible but God was watching over us because very few got sick from all the soaked clothes and cold rain. In essence we took a bus tour of NYC because we couldn't get out and walk around much. It was so cool to be on Broadway and see the musical 'Mama Mia', then see Time Square all lit up I was in awe the whole trip just kept pinching myself to see if it was real. We got soaked on the ferry trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty but it was so surreal. The above picture is of the tree at Rockefeller Center, I think everyone should go to NYC at least once in their life to see the amazing sights.
Now for the most amazing thing that happened! The 911 Memorial is still under construction along with the towers but this was a special part of my trip because I've worn a 911 ring for almost 10 years as a remembrance of the lives lost. The above photo is of the South Pool and although it was pouring down rain I got this awesome photo of the depth this pool is. Here's my epiphany: After being at the Memorial park and walking all around to the museum, the North and South pools and shaking hands with all the officers that were on duty there I listened to the 911 host talk about the Survivor Tree. Then our group dispersed and was told to meet at the exit in 30 to exit. I walked up to the South Pool bent down and put my hands in the water. I said a short prayer for all the victims and survivors then stood up to see the name 'Maynard' lite on the marble. For those of you who don't know Maynard is my maiden name so to see it was just shocking. I stood there and started to cry, then I turned and found the 911 host right behind me. I explained what just happened and he asked if I wanted a crayon marking of the name. Well I did of course and we huddled around the area in the rain and he showed me how to crayon it. I then hugged him and went to the exit to await my group. Long story short after introducing myself to the 8 officers and security I waited for over 30 minutes and never saw one person of the 51 from my group. To make a long story short security came up to me and asked if I was Jeanine DuBose after acknowledging it he escorted me down the ramp and out of the Memorial to meet up with the tour leader. Nancy exclaimed 'I'm so happy to see you I thought something had happened to you I thought you'd gotten lost.' I said 'Lost I'm not lost I was waiting for you right where you said to meet'. She said they did a head count and thought everyone was there until they got on the bus and my roommate spoke up and said I was missing. Well I'm fine I'm sorry someone couldn't count right and I'm sorry I caused so much commotion but really I was never lost. I have since come home and researched Keithroy Maynard to find out he was a 33 year old Firefighter lost in the rescue. This was such a awesome trip and I was thrilled to have fulfilled my lifelong dream of going back to NYC.
God bless to all of you and have a very wonderful holiday season.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for

It's the day before Thanksgiving and Jake is busy watching me in the kitchen preparing part of the feast. My daughter works tomorrow at the womens center at the hospital so we have to do Thanksgiving a day early. Thats ok being together is what's important to me and anytime I can get with my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids is a thankful day. Wish I could get to Phoenix to see the other daughter and her family but that will have to wait until January. Anyway I got this cat seat at Amazon for 12 dollars and except for being in the sunroom this is his second favorite place (love the bird action).
Well everyone have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow to post some cards I made. God Bless, Jeanine

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tilda and the Frog

This is another of my Operation Write Home cards that I made. Actually I colored this with Copics and then made up one afternoon. Pretty purples, pinks and browns and I actually can't remember where I got the paper. I need to clean up my craft room and donate some of my stuff to a nursing home or somewhere I have way to much stuff but don't we all. Today I was down there and I found a Gypsy cord that I've been looking for for 3 months (Nelda you still need it?) Geez I really need to quit buying and start using this stuff. I did make several Thanksgiving Day cards today and have to go in the crawl space for the Christmas stamps tomorrow. I haven't made one Christmas card yet this year guess I need to get busy something I can't seem to do. I did finish James Patterson book 1 of the Womens Murder Club tonight on to book 2 tomorrow.
Have a great Sunday and know I'm thinking of something special for someone today it'll make you feel good. God Bless, Jeanine

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thinking of you

Good morning and welcome to another crazy day. Hope its not raining by you or no tornado watches out, I'm completely done with tornado's.
I want to see a little sunshine and I want to get big into making my Christmas cards which means I have to get in the crawl space and retreive my Christmas plastic tub with all the stamps and embellishments that in itself will stop me from making cards! Well this image is from 'Fred she said' and it was pre-colored so just putting it on some SU cardstock and DSP was a breeze. I used my scallop cutter and added some ribbon and I was all done yet it looks like I took half a day. Girls enjoy your weekend and know I'm think of you!!!! Jeanine

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Ideas from Jeanna

I love these little Santa cards that Jeanna made and they look pretty easy to make guess I'll try some for Christmas cards. It's been raining here 24/7 and I hate going in the basement so I'm looking at all the cute ideas that Jeanna Linzer had displayed for sale at her all day crop that I drove over 850 miles to see. We had so much fun for the few days I was there but Jeanna is so multi talented and I wanted to promote her goodies and her website. If your interested she sells Stampin UP! products and all the goodies I've listed the past week, if you want to order send her an email: with Order in the subject line.
Well if you know me at all you know I love the poop!!! I've made reindeer, snowman (mini marshmellows), pumpkin poop, witches poop but Jeanna did an awesome job on these Reindeer poop gift bags and she's got lots for sale if your interested.
Last but not least is this beautiful wreath that Jeanna made with the folded flower. How cute is this and if you look real close you'll see her 'Post it' note Owl key holder that is way to precious. So gang thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, Jeanna and Stephanie were such an inspiration to me and now have me back on track to make fun stuff. To get ahold of Stephanie: she does the scrapbooking pages and lots of fun diecuts for scrapbooking.
Until another time, God Bless, Jeanine

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cupcake Fever

Well you all know how much I love the looks of cupcakes so here's a couple cupcakes that I've colored over the past few months and their
made into cards for OWH soldiers. I'm so happy the soldiers are coming home and thrilled that we're out of that area I won't get into my opinions but my mere 50 cards that I sent OWH will be enough since they are slowing down a little on all their packages overseas. Do you all remember why we were there because obviously they don't. So many lives lost because so people have such hate in their hearts, I just don't understand it but then who does. I'm honored to have been a part of this mission to help let our troops know we're thinking of them and let them know what their doing matters to us.
Give thanks everyday for the many blessings you have and remember our soldiers in our prayers. Stampin hugs, Jeanine

Friday, November 11, 2011

Te extrano - Miss You

Here's another card for the OWH shipment it's a MayBrit Bear that I colored a while ago then I added some pink paper and stretchy ribbon, rhinestones and a darling card to send to a young child or parent. I was happy to hear that OWH is soon going to pair down the cards since the President is bringing home the soldiers in Iraq. I love making these special cards as my way of saying thank you to the soldiers male or female for what they are doing for their country. Each and everyone of us needs to take a minute and say a prayer for all our soldiers and if you have a minute make a card for them, you can either send them to me or to Thanks for making me see I need to think of others which will make my life fuller in the long run.
Have a great day, Jeanine

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a Crop!!!

I had such a wonderful weekend! Here are just a few pictures of some of the wonderful items I got to see at the Stampin Up Crop in Lawrence, Kansas. Yes I left Tennessee on Thursday arrived in Kansas on Friday, after stopping to see my brother in Missouri, then I helped set up for the Crop with Jeanna Linzer and Stephanie Pascue.
I couldn't believe they had Close to my Heart and Creative Memories Rep's there and a massage therapist along with so many make and takes. I loved all the items they made for craft fairs their ideas are fresh, beautiful and such adorable ideas for holidays and birthdays. Jeanna has such a heart for business and she is such a talented woman that her personality speaks volumes of who she really is bringing out the best in everyone.
Stephanie is just so sweet and she has an eye for ideas.....she makes beautiful embellishments for scrapbooking pages and for cards.
This snowman is just one of the 20 items I bought from her darling items. I can't wait to show you her stuff and I really think she needs to put it on Etsy. I only wish I could come up with half of the ideas she does.
I had a blast making cards and all the Make & Takes we made. I'll have another post tomorrow with lots of pictures and I'll have some websites for you to go find their ideas. I had a great time and although its too much driving for 4 days by myself it was worth it to spend time with these multi talented girls.
Stampin hugs, Jeanine

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pretty Ballerina

Isn't she adorable? This is a digital image I got and I love to color with Copic's because its so little in detail and it makes me concentrate better. The card is made with SU cardstock and vellum that I ran through a Sizzix folder then cut out the ballerina and popped it with pop dots. I love the sentiment I think hugs are so important and to tell the truth I have quit doing them because of my hyperhydrious. I had the surgery on my facial sweating/head sweating in October of 2010 I had relief from profuse sweating for about 5 days then I noticed I was sweating on my back I called the surgeon and he suggested taking Oxybutynin 3 times a day but that didn't help either so then I tried Sage tea twice a day oh that was just terrorism at its worse. Talk about horrible taste and it didn't do anything so after 30 days I gave up on that. Now I change clothes usually twice a day and deal with it although right now it's not to bad but nervousness brings it on why I would be nervous is beyond me but hey at my old age anything is possible. So those are my woes for the day, I should be back from my trip and settling in so I'll catch you later with another cute card! Stampin hugs, Jeanine

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sometimes you need a little hug!

Hidee hoe! Yep I'm still in Kansas but I scheduled these post so you wouldn't think I went into seclusion again. Like I said I love to color so I had plenty of Copic colored images to use when I started putting my cards together. These are for OWH and I have a stack of probably 30 already made up just have to cut the designer paper and matting for the images then glue them together. I adore these little girls with their Sunday dresses and hats, the cardstock is SU and scraps of paper from my bin. Did I tell you I had so many punches in my craft drawer the bottom fell out? I had to take it to get it fixed because I broke the bottom geez can't catch a break anywhere and that isn't a pun either. You'd think after 6 months of being pretty much trapped in my house waiting for work to be completed I would have cleaned my craft room but I sure didn't just continued to buy stuff and let it sit. What a vicious cycle we live in, I wanna hear your thoughts on hording crafting stuff! Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday with more ideas and stories of my trip.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Nov. 3rd

It's Thursday and actually I'm on the road headed to a crop in Eudora, Kansas, yep you heard me right I'm going to a cardmaking crop and hope it will get me going again. My dear friend Jeanna Linzer is putting it on with one of her downlines Stephanie, I need to get away and this is what I call fun just getting in the car and going with little or no planning. Moe the dog is at his Bed and Breakfast and Jake is left to fend for himself (it really humbles him when I come home.) This card is super simple and right now super simple is good for me because pushing my creativity is going to take some time.
I ordered some stuff from Jeanna and her Stampin UP catalog so I'll have some new stamps to use, some new cardstock and I'll get to meet some new crafters and have a great time. Be back soon!!!
Stampin hugs,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunshine in my life!

OK great start this was suppose to be my first post since July!!!!!
Jake just makes me laugh everyday someway or another and so I'm going to give it a full hearted try to get back in the swing of things and start blogging and making cards. For those of you that don't know the tornado hit my house on April 27, 2011 and on May 16, 2011 I lost my Mother so this past six months has been a real nightmare with very little support from any of the family. I've become a recluse in my home waiting for contractors to start the process. Now I can finally say that the work is all done and I want to move on. I still get up each morning and open my front door to see the market in crumbles on the ground, the Ledfords property overgrown and depressing since the house was torn down, many neighbors are grown with their property for sale and it brings it all back. I know I've been neglecting my blog and my cardmaking because I just can't go back down in my since I still color with my Copics I plan on bringing some stuff up and using the kitchen as my temporary studio. Then after running up and down the stairs 20 times a day for things I forgot hopefully I will take it all back to my Studio and get on with life.
Hang in there everyone I'll have another post tomorrow with a card that I made promise. God Bless and happy stamping, Jeanine

Harps and Music

See I told you I would be back 'Oh ye of little faith'. This is a card I made for OWH using spanish greetings. Dixie says she rarely gets any so I try to mail off about 20 with each shipment (although I haven't mailed any of in over 4 months). I'm trying really hard to get back into this because making cards puts such happiness in my heart. I love to be creative and I especially love to inspire others to do the same. I've proposed to myself that I make a schedule of what I need to do each day and that includes hour a day to cleaning, laundry, dishes whatever then at least 30 minutes of Zumba and then at least an hour to cardmaking hopefully I will be back surprising you with fun stuff!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just when you think......

Nothing can get worse it happens............... Sorry I haven't been around lately waiting on the contractor to get started on the house and I'm so tired of waiting. Tomorrow it will be 90 days since the tornado and the Roofers took over my driveway. Moe and Jake watched as the supplies were brought in and then the rain came after the roof shingles were off
so this is what I got at 5:15 last night. Enough to make a grown woman cry and I was really was really close to just losing it then I remembered that I had a house to live in and a roof over my head where as many families are without homes. So I took a few pictures and moved on with life, it's way to short to worry about the small stuff. Today the contractor's came in and they plan to Kiltz the ceiling and paint it this evening and then their job will be done.
After they leave we have the power washing of the house and then the painting of the house and patio decks. Then Friday they are repairing my ceiling in my bedroom where the tornado damage messed it up. Other than that all when the Four Season Room is finished another chapter of my life will be over and then maybe I can move on.
Hopefully with the repairs done and the start of a new month I'll head down to my Studio and clean it up some. Maybe touching all my supplies and trinkets I'll get my creative groove moving again. Remember to 'Pay it Forward'. Hugs to you all, Jeanine

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome Jake

Yep, I couldn't take it anymore I missed Rainy so badly that I've been looking at rescue cats for about a month. I saw Jake a few weeks ago and he was called a Ragdoll Maine Coon cat, he's 14 weeks old and so laid back I crack up each time he lays down for a nap..
Oh Man it's too light in this room, turn out the lights!
Ok if I cross my arms she might think I'm saying my prayers and like me all the more.
Yes this really is my tummy and back legs and me twisted in the middle and going a totally different direction for my head and front feet. This is a normal sleeping position for him he moves his body alot.
Is this not a little angel? He's so calm and agreeable, he sleeps in the bathroom at night and he almost knows it's bedtime. When I open the door he runs out like its the best thing ever to happen.
He covers his ear and cracks me up. His favorite toy is the lazer light from Walmart $2.88 with extra batteries. He has a tiny mouse I got at the dollar store and flips it in the air all the time. He was hand fed so he kneads alot and it hurts with those tiny little sharp toe nails but hey he is such a lover and so cuddly.
Tomorrow he's headed to the vet to be neutered, brought up to date on shots and whatever he needs. He'll be an indoor cat and no way will he go outdoors but I know Rainy is happy I found another cat. I needed something to make me laugh some, I'm still waiting on the repairs for the house and dealing with them is such a hassle. I did color with Copic's this morning but still not in the Studio much. I've lost my desire to create cards and I'm trying so hard to get it back. I love making cards I just don't like going down in the basement anymore the tornado really changed my life and I'm trying really hard to get back to normal. Please bear with me I need my friends.
Hugs, Jeanine

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Chick'n in on You

This is a Doodle Pantry digital image along with the cardstock. I downloaded all of it then printed it all out, everything was pre-colored and makes its very easy to make quick cards for any and all venues. This could be a Get Well card, Thinking of you card or pretty much a fun card all around. I know I' ve been really quiet lately but I think I'm getting back on track and realized life goes on. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and the encouragement you've given me. Today I spent six hours in my Studio making cards for Operation Write Home but I haven't mailed any birthday cards like I normally do, it has really been hard to mail over 250 birthday cards a year and have half of them not even acknowledged or recognized so I will now be more selective with the cards I mail. I hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend and enjoyed the 4th of July. Have a wonderful week. Jeanine

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth

This is the time to bow our heads and say a prayer for all those fighting for our freedom. We take our freedom for granted and actually so many are fighting for our freedom and we owe them so much. Happy Fourth of July to all of you.
This card is all SU materials with the exception of the Copic's and ribbon. May all of you have a wonderful happy evening.
Hugs, Jeanine

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is a digital from Deedee's digi's but she's closed her shop for now. I enjoyed her drawings and I loved how she would use your ideas to make new digi's but with raising kids and supporting a husband who just got back to work every day life took over. I'm sure she's sharing tons of her images with everyone on her blog Stampin Sunshine. I used some SU cardstock and lots of scraps of DSP although I have tons of DSP actually too much to be exact (did I just say that?). Just think the new SU catalog is coming out in just a few days and oh my I'm going to be shopping for a few days.
Personal Journey: I'm still waiting around for the contractor to start on the house they have to put on a new roof, power wash and patch the siding then paint the house completely, repair the redwood porch out front that is missing part of the railing, and my screened in porch on the side is still a total mess. I wanted to make that a 4-season room but I was quoted $10,500 and since the insurance company only sprung for the new screen I'm a little short on funds. Oh well I love sitting out there in the mornings drinking coffee before the temperature gets to unbearable it use to be beautiful with all the old oak trees and birds singing. Now I just have the neigbors houses to look at and the shavings from the trees. I think I'll call in a landscaper and see what he might suggest then I'll ask for the cost. The weather has been so hot lately and the thunder storms so unpredictable I haven't been outside to mow, fix the holes from the trees or anything. I'm just having a good time reading all kinds of books and making a few cards. I know once the house is completed and all this is off my mind I'll be able to settle into a routine. Until then I just take it day by day.
Smile it makes people wonder................Jeanine

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Granny's birthday wishes

Well I got some time today to make up some cards for my OWH stash. These were pre-colored months ago by me then I matched up my SU cardstock with scraps of DSP and put them all together with matching ribbons. So now my count is up to 68 cards hopefully with the rest of the weekend I can make my quota.
Have a great weekend each and everyone one of you! Hugs, Jeanine

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday

Hi there, it's been a few days but I finished up this pre colored digital from Dustin Pike. It was a super simple card that pretty much took no stamping just a little glue and red ric rak.
I took a trip with the Senior Circle to Stone Mountain Park in Georgia where we spent the night (beautiful lodge) and then the next day we took a tour of CNN studio's. It was a fun trip with 49 other Seniors from the age of 54 to 92 and we didn't lose one person although it was the first day of summer and 99 degrees. I haven't walked that much in a very long time and I was soaked with sweat it was way to hot to be climbing hills and standing on all the cement, asphalt and
Stone Mountain was amazing at the top. Everyone have a wonderful weekend and remember to make someone smile everyday.
Hugs, Jeanine

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wishing you a tweet day.

This is a digital image from Doodle Pantry that I got long ago. I colored all of these in Copic's and added ribbon or ric rak to make them ready for OWH shipment. The cardstock is SU and the paper is from the Welcome Neighbor paper stack. Hope your days going well and that your getting lots of sunshine. Have a great day. Jeanine

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chicken Birthday

Is this not the cutest card? The stamp is from Art Impressions along with the verse, the DSP is SU and so is the pom pom ribbon. I saw this stamp and knew I had to have it then I colored everything with Copic's of course. Still trying to catch up with my OWH cards I have 40 left to make this month but I plan on doing another power day later this week. Hope all of you are enjoying the warm weather and getting some Vitamin D each day. Remember to 'Pay it Forward'. Hugs, Jeanine

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dearest Daughter

Sorry its been so long I just haven't been doing much but today I got the body downstairs and worked for several hours. I made several cards but this is some of the ones I made for OWH. I actually have sixty

made along with 12 Hero cards and letters. I am trying to use up alot of my scraps and odd-ball DSP. I'm trying to use up my SU ribbon from last year and all the DSP so you'll be seeing quite a bit of cards this week. Have a great week and remember to 'Pay it Forward'. Jeanine

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For my Hero's

This is my day's work for today! I made 12 cards for OWH soldiers then I wrote little notes of thanks in all of them to mail off in my June package. Hopefully I'll get caught up with my 100 cards a month soon. I found the DSP at Michael's so although I bought 3 sheets for .59 each I made several cards. So yes I'm back in the saddle again as far as making cards but I got stopped when the tree people came.
Personal Journey: Finally some movement on the house, the tree company came by this morning and said they'd be back either after lunch or early Wednesday morning. Well all 5 trucks showed up at 12:30 geez a big Shredder, bucket truck, mini bobcat and a second truck for the wood chips. I can see all my neighbors houses now no more hiding the 'Jerks' house and I can see Ms. Phyliss's beautiful flower garden. Oh and the 'Jerks' shed thats on my property but since he's lived he all his life and his grandparents etc etc he can put stuff anywhere he wants to. Enough about Mr. Norman, all my 40 foot tall trees are down I have one evergreen left and one tree that they topped off. I'm sure my neighbor isn't to happy with me because she told me she couldn't afford to cut her tree down nor clean it up and hoped that the tree guys would take pity on her. Well they'll be back tomorrow at 0730 AM to finish the job, its sad to see the old trees gone but this is my philosphy Mother Nature did this to us not God. I hope that makes sense to you because when this tornado hit the first words out of my mouth was 'Oh God, O God why?' when in reality it wasn't God it was Mother Nature. In the days that followed I realized so much more about God than I had ever known. I've learned so much about myself in the past six weeks thanks to being alone and having the chance to think things through. This past six weeks has been a blessing to me I have made some decisions alone only because I've tried talking to my daughter but she's been to busy. I'm not needed anymore and I want to be needed I want someone to care about me, to worry if they haven't heard from me in a week. I could fall down the stairs and who would care or check on me? Answer me that? Jeanine

Sunday, June 12, 2011

If the Shoe fits..................

I received this digital image a few months ago and I thought it was so elegant. Now I'm not elegant matter of fact what you see is what you get and trust me that's not dress up. I received this when I bought a Cancer pack of Digi's for Katie's Cause. It actually came with paper to print and so the card wasn't hard to make at all because all I really did was layer the cardstock, add a ribbon and some tiny pearls and it was made. Yet so beautiful but then I think black and white cards are so perfect for any occasion. Have a wonderful Sunday with your family and always remember to 'Pay it Forward'. Hugs, Jeanine

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's Shakin?

What a quick clean card made with Doodle Pantry images and SU SAB paper pack. I colored the shake with copic's and enjoyed making this monocomatic card in minutes. Check out Laura's new images at Doodle Pantry she's got some real charmers.
Hugs and have fun 'Paying it Forward'. Jeanine

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This little Piggy!

I just love Laura's images at Doodle Pantry, she makes this little piggy so whimsical and I just purchased six of her new images! I actually colored them with Copic's and that was a challenge since I haven't touched my markers in two months, just plain sinful.

I love the big eyes and the salutation 'Need a hug?" is to precious. My first card I made for the OWH challenge this week and then made another one with this great paper by K & Company. Let's all get hoppin and make some cards I feel the need for speed!!! OK well the speed to go down to my Studio at least. Have a blessed day! Jeanine

Monday, June 6, 2011

OWH I'm back on board

Well I actually got busy and made 20 cards for my OWH group. I just took the time to make these cards because I so believe in the group and I've slacked off. Usually I make over 100 cards a month for the soldiers but I've miss 6 weeks and so I need to get back into the swing of things. Guess I'll be busy making them while I have all the tornado damage repairs made. I had these Coke images and thought they were a great for some vintage cards. Right now OWH is requesting generatic cards like Missing You, Just a Note, Hello. These are my favorite cards to make because they don't take a lot of time to make up.
I tried to post this last night but Blogger wasn't working right so after and hour I quit. Tonight it's taken another hour and I can't believe I'm having this much trouble with Blogger. Today I didn't make a single card instead I filled out more forms and finished up with my insurance claim stuff. Enough, it was a good day and thats all that matters. Have a blessed day. Jeanine

Friday, June 3, 2011

Quickie Cards

Wow I have been so busy this week with phone calls, trips to the bank, contractors, bill s and more bills. I'm broke and still making cards but then anyone that makes cards is always broke due to love of goodies.
I knew I needed to make some cards so I dug out some pre-made stickers and made these quick cards. I really need some crafting time but with contractors here I'm wiped out. I promise to get in the swing of things in the next few days, I did get some new Tilda stamps so I'll quit playing in quick set concrete and stamp soon. Then I'll tell you the story of my new mailbox.
Remember to 'Pay it forward' right now its so important to support all those affected by the tornado's. God Bless, Jeanine

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just 4 you!

This was a pretty quick card that I made using some sample papers MS butterfly border punch and my Spellbinder dies. This is a digital image by Christie and I colored it with Copic's. I so loved to color with Copic's and it's been over a month since I picked up a single pen thank
goodness I have a big stash of pre-colored images.
I'm sorry I've been quick with my post lately but I am having to contract to do all the work to my home. Farmers sent me a check for all the damages instead of contracting to do the work so now everywhere I call I get this "Sorry there's a 3-4 month wait list". I need a vacation!!!
Hugs to all my faithful followers, I'm on the road to recovery and my Studio has seen the light after total darkness for 4 weeks. God Bless,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Always Remember

This weekend is for remembering our military near & far, from all the wars, all the deployments men, women and our Veterans. To alot of people Memorial weekend is a 3 day weekend, picnic, family gathering but its actually a time for all of us to take a few moments to thank a soldier, a veteran and let them know how much we appreciate them. When I first saw this stamp set from Stampin Up I knew I had to buy it for my Hero Cards for OWH. Now this past month I haven't made any cards because of the tornado damage and losing my mother but those soldiers didn't stop fighting in Iraq because it was to hot or to cold so I need to pick myself up off the ground and move forward making my usual 100 cards a month for OWH. I bought the patriotic paper at Michael's and the ribbon also and I plan to include this card with a special note for a OWH Hero. There is a huge OWH blog hop going on right now with 132 participates join in the fun and make some cards for our guys and gals. If you have any cardfronts or cards that you would like to donate to OWH you can send them to me and I will revise them into cards and ship them off or if you want just go to the website and find the nearest location to you for mailing cards, envelopes or donations.
Thanks and have a great weekend, Jeanine