Monday, August 31, 2009

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

I have made the regular cards for the past 5 years you know the 4 1/4 X 5 1/2, but thanks to Sandy & Deedee I started doing the 6 X 6 cards and loving them to pieces. Girls I am using up a lot of cardstock but this is so fun. I used Copic's for the birds and the nest and leaves then I used the new SU DSP and so K & Co cardstock and put the card together. On the fold I did put some copper cording but the camera doesn't show it well.

I didn't do much today I'm dealing with some issues here that have me confused and questioning my values or devotion to God. I feel like I'm being pushed to my limits and I know that God will never give me more than we can handle together but he sure is testing me. I might just take a little break from cards and devote myself to finding an answer to my grave question.

God Bless you all.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Watercoloring Fun

Well I actually took the stamp pads out and did some water coloring today. I would have sworn I posted on Friday but my post isn't there so it must be in cyberland. Anyway I used SU cardstock and K & Company DSP. Then I colored this darling little girl with pretty clouds and the fields gosh it was such a pretty image. I mounted it on Old Olive cardstock then added a pretty blue ribbon that matched the DSP, I think its darling.

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend in Chattanooga, we went out for Mexican food then worked on quilt cards. I finished with a few today but wasn't really happy with them so I have to think on them for a while. Tomorrow is a day for playing and the Post Office, I posted my stuff for sale on SCS and sold a few things this weekend. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and a great Sunday.

God Bless.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And it all started with this:

It all started with this little pack of paper on August 1st what an amazing challenge for my girls on Stampin Trades and Treasured Friendships. Most of us started out as Stampin UP demo's then we explained our horizons and went outside the box. I would say over half of the girls are still SU demo's and most of us have been together in Cyber land for 3 years. I'm always trying to come up with a way to challenge the girls and so I sent each one of them this packet of paper and told them to use any or all of the paper. We had 10 people enter the challenge of which they could use any stamp they wanted and any embellishments but the finished products were coming back to me for my daughter to draw the winning card. All of these cards will go with my card donations to Cards for Hero's if your interested go to their website and check them out.
Well I have tons of ribbon so I'm going to send the winner a bunch of cool ribbons and the winner is:

Rhonda Sands from Connecticut is the WINNER with this amazing card using all the beautiful papers and she used a SU stamp set, wow this is amazing.
This card was done by Michele in Minnesota. She is one of our newest members, she is a SU demo and has a passion for SU. She is amazing and you will find that out when you go to her blog at

This card was sent in by Marjori in Arizona and its a SU stamp set, beautiful with all that work on the tree and the pretty blue bird. Just amazing Marjori you can see more at her blog

Deedee in California sent me this card, ironically I sent her the image of Riley the Moose from Gina K stamps and I adore the card its so cute. You can see more of Deedee's stuff at her blog and she designs for Sweet N Sassy Stamps.

Sandy in West Virginia sent in this cute card with all the beautiful flowers she is such an inspiration to me. Check out her blog at Sandy also works with Sweet N Sassy Stamps.
Rainy in Georgia sent in this quilt type card and although its simple its so cute anyone would love to get it. She does such nice designs.
This is another card from Rhonda, she has lost a significant amount of weight last check was 75 pounds. She is amazing inspiration to all of us at STTF. The reason she did two is because I sent her two kits and true to form she made two beautiful cards and sent them back. I absolutely love the font on her card 'Thinking of You'.
'Hey there, Mama' is done by Micki in Kansas she is so much fun and busy as can be with designing cards for a website or two. You can see all of her beautiful and zany cards at you will love her stuff as much as I do.

This card is done by my friend Debi in Missouri, she is so creative. Debi is so lucky to have a daughter that shares her love of stamping. Beautiful work I'm afraid my photo didn't capture the 3 dimensional work on this one, Debi does wonderful work.
Now this card was done by Karen in Maryland and she does beautiful watercoloring work, heck all her work is good but she does excellent work and you can see more of it at

Jeanna is a full fledged SU demo and does tons of workshops, parties and she enters several craft fairs in the Kansas. If you ever need something you can see her work and find out about SU at I just love how she used every piece of paper I sent her.
I can't say much about this one I'm running out of words and what I did I didn't do to good. This was colored with Copic's and the girl that did it loves bling I love the blue pearls she added. Jeanine did this card and she's from Tennessee he he he.
I so enjoyed this challenge and I think all of you will agree that out of 10 women each and every card is beautiful, amazing and creative from the heart. We may come from all across the U.S.A. but we all share the same love of family, God and stamping. I was never really good with words and I wish I could have done justice by describing each woman's work. We have a very supportive, talented group of girls that I know will listen to my thoughts and not judge me but help and support me in anything need or have to do. Thank you Rhonda, Marjorie, Micki, Debi, Michele, Karen, Jeanna, Deedee, Sandy and Rainy you so inspire me to do my best each and every day.
God Bless.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moovin On

Yep, I've decided its time to moove on and so I made this card today for everyone to enjoy. I got this cute image from Sandy and I used Copic's to color it W3, W5, W7, E93, E35 and Spica gold. The cardstock is SU
and the DSP is SU along with the felt flowers. I printed my salutation 'We're moovin on.....' for the inside I used white paper and with the computer I wrote "Our new address is". This felt good to make, I realized I can't just sit around and wait I need to get busy and move on. I want to have a few Garage sales and get rid of as much as I can you know those silly knick knacks and stuff you really didn't want let alone stuff you've saved forever for what? Well I have 4 months till surgery (it looks like) so I'll use my time wisely and be ready to go when I can.

Did you know that CHRISTMAS is 4 that's FOUR months from Today? Well at least I have a couple of presents bought already but geez that's way to soon where did this year go? Well everyone get out there and start your shopping early. Hey I might set up decorations early which means going in the crawl space guess I'll wait on the decorations I hate the crawl space and especially going in there so.....I'll back the train up and celebrate fall first.

God Bless

Monday, August 24, 2009

Speciality Albums

This is a Wedding album that I purchased at Michael's on Friday for $2.47 in the clearance bin. I brought it home and started to work on it immediately since I haven't done any paper piecing in a long time. I had so much fun making this in Gray, silver, black and white. As you can tell from the front I had to use mini butterflies in 2 layers. Then I polished off the whole album with tons of ribbon on the rings holding the album together. I like this album because you can add as many pages as you want in here and its size is 5 X 7 inches so the 4 X 6 pictures will fit fine.

This is one of the pages I made but didn't want to bore you with the other twelve so I'll just show you two.

Does this look like a door? I thought it did but its hard to say since the picture quality is bad, its hard to photograph black & white.
This is the wedding card and envelope I made to match the whole album and I already have a buyer for it so I'm pretty excited. This was so much fun to make and its been such a long time since I've made an album. Well its one of those nights where I slept for 4 hours and now I'm wide awake. It was 4 AM when I got up and for some reason sleeping 4-5 hours is my limit lately. Hope you enjoyed, be back with you on Monday (oh it is Monday isn't it!)
God Bless and remember to smile at everyone you meet you'll never know who needs that warmth but it will matter to them.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dog gone "I'm Sorry"

I think this is a sweet card I should have made the inside a lot darker now that I look at it but I sent it on to a friend. I made this a few days ago and couldn't get to it because of the Internet issues I had. Certainly everyone has trouble with Internet carriers......NOT. Well I've been having issues for over two weeks and for DSL I know for a fact dial up is faster. I spent one day last week with Bellsouth for 3 hours and all was well until I hung up. I was so mad I walked away and the next day went back to fix it. Well over the weekend and following days life got in the way. This week I have had 3 doctors appointments and I won't go into the sorted details but I will be tied or should I say cut up for probably 7-9 months. I'll probably turn this into my journal because I will have both hips replaced one at a time but within 6 months of each other. OK back to the Internet yesterday I spent 3 hours, then 1 hour, then 2 hours with a supervisor because I was really mad but I finally got the bridge to my wireless set up and now I can be upstairs on my laptop with Mom in the late afternoon and evenings. It has been really hairy here lately with Mom hearing voices, imaging things and refusing to eat the foods I'm making for meals. Oh she wants to eat but she wants something completely different than I make. And I always check with her before I start dinner to see if she's OK with it, but then she changes her mind when I get her for dinner. Needless to say what with seeing 3 specialist this week for me and dealing with her and the Internet my week has been crazy. Vicki is taking Mom one day so I can have a "Me day" after the weekend.
So there I unloaded on ya again but I do have to say its usually the same three girls that read my blog. Thank you bunches Sandy, Deedee & Micki love you for your support and comments they do mean so much to know someone is reading this.
The card is SU cardstock and the new DSP from SU, the image is Whipper Snapper and yes that's patent leather for the ribbon I thought it really looked like a collar.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend and know your in my thoughts and prayers. God is good.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bearly Hangin in There

Hello all, today was my day to play and have some fun, its been a little testy on the home front the past few days and I've reached my limits so today I got up early and before any protests headed down to the Studio for some fun. I colored these bears last night with Copics and to be honest I only wrote down the one balloon bear one for colors, sorry me bad! These are called Popcorn the Bear by Crafter's Companion and I'm in love with them. Their gray rubber unmounted but only $6.95 a set and they stamp great. This first one is a special one for a dear friend who loves Sunflowers its called Popcorn Bear's Sunflowers and there are about 9 other sets I haven't got but beware I love them.
The second one is called Popcorn's Gift and its precious with his best friend the duck. I made all of them 5 3/4 by 5 3/4 cards and cut them out to pop-up on the card. I made extra presents and popped a few of those also. All the CS is SU but the DSP is old stuff. I have a rant to talk about today I love SU stuff the CS, DSP, stamp sets, embossing powders everything is great I love that they have inks to match the paper but I HATE THE INK PADS! They curve and as hard as I try somewhere there's a smudge. I hate them period and I'll sell the whole lot for a smokin deal and I have all 60 some plus the rack and re-inkers. Ok I'll shut up.

Last but not least is Popcorn the Bear's Balloons. Now I used Copic's Y38, YR16, YG95, Y18, YR24, R20, R27, B41, B45, B29, E30, E33, E35, E37. I mounted on ?? DSP and popped the bear and two of the balloons off the paper. Then I added a star brad from SU and those mini brads from Queen and Co. I had a ball making these today and I hope you all enjoyed looking at them with me cause their really whimsical.
God Bless you all for following my blog. Big Hugs to all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coffee Time

Hi, its Sunday and I've had a rough weekend with my Internet being down and then sitting on the phone for 2 hours with someone actually her name was Denise and she was very nice telling me to unplug, now plug, change cords, etc etc etc. I finally got it fixed but she wouldn't reconnect my wireless so now I have to call D-link and I just wasn't up to it.

I made this card on and off for the past 2 weeks, I used Copics for the coffee cups and then after playing with the Crafter companion I made the totally cool bow and I just threw it together using SU cardstock and DSP from someone. I used my corner punches and matched the print on the DSP with the card paper and that's it, simple and easy.

Now if this card looks familiar to someone yes its a card you sent me a couple of years ago. I found it yesterday and decided to recycle it for Cards for Heroes. Sandy Domelle sent me this card and she decorated pretty much like this I added the Hunter Green card stock punched the lacy border on the green and then cut down the original card and punched the lacy border on it. Now be honest have you ever recycled cards and if you do what do you do with them? I'm always looking for things to do so if I don't sell them then I donate them and I love the idea for Cards for Heroes (are you getting tired of hearing about them?) well as long as their fighting for me and you and our country I'll keep talkin about em and makin em cards.
Talk with you all tomorrow. Big Hugs everyone!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Brother - Don't ya wish you looked alot like me

Yep its sibyl rivalry between my brother Bob and me. He always was Momma's boy but he was the only boy. He could do no wrong in her eyes but then she was never looking, to this day I tease him about being Mama's boy. Anyway little sister loves her only brother but then he can make me madder than hello. Enough said about his escapades I could write a book about him and his 5 wives and several almost's but I won't. I'm always there for him; to bail him out or go save the day when he doesn't know what to do, to help him with diabetes which he has no clue about, to teach him how to manage the bills and retirement, to gently lift him up when he's searching for a reason to go on. Or when his wife died of cancer and I was on a ship cruise, he'd never been through it and wanted us there so bad. So I made both of these cards for him the first one is SU card stock and DSP stitched by rub on. The image is Whipper Snapper Copic's used E50, E51, E55, E93, R0000, B05, B0000, B18, BG32, Y15 & YR15. I used Eyelet outlet's palm tree brad and a star fish I got somewhere long long ago. Bob use to tease me all the time about being his beautiful sister the cop and he was so proud he carried a picture of me in his wallet (I think he thought he'd show it if he ever got pulled over) heck fire I call him Grisly Adams because he's so country hermit type, but his personality is charming and I taught him how to dance so he can still shake a leg.
My second card for my brother is because we use to go camping a lot with our families, friends and horses each summer to Stoneman Lake. We sure had some fun times and thanks to my friend Jeanna who sent me all the images of the SU Stamp set I had a blast making this card. I made my own tent with craft card stock and my ropes to hold it back I had in my stash. I used pop dots to push up the top of the tent and to give the bear dimension. I used Copics to color the bear, sleeping bag, smores, skeeter can and skeeter. On the inside you can see I put the stick with the can of beans and then started writing to him with "Smore times than not I think of you and the crazy times we had camping, riding horses and yes even getting thrown off......" I had so much fun making this card and sent it off to him today. He's down in the dumps right now and need some TLC so lil sis will be there.
Ok I know this is long but I read this morning "As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you. And I will teach you the way this is good and right" 1 Samuel 12:23. I pray for my family, friends, my nation and my enemies. God Bless you all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cards for Hero's

Well I don't know whats wrong with Blogger but I've been trying for over an hour to upload pictures. I've been busy making my Cards for Heroes the past two days, I made 25 Halloween cards on Monday and on Tuesday I made 27 Thanksgiving cards to send off. It takes a while to get to the soldiers since you send cards to the home base where they sort and mail the cards to military squads everywhere. I cheated and I'll probably go to prison for this so I won't tell you so you won't be an accessory to the crime. I used SU card stock, MM Halloween paper , computer generated salutations and Whipper Snapper images. I think they turned out pretty cute and it gives the soldiers a chance to write home on a card and surprise their families.

Now I'm waiting for the Tree man to come out and give me and estimate on trimming trees. Then I have the man coming from the Sleep center to check out my bedroom maybe I can ambush him if he's cute. OK again I'm always giving to much information. Have a great day and I'll catch you tomorrow.

God Bless

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home - Cards for Heroes

Home - Cards for Heroes

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I love Butterflies

I love this paper I've been saving it for years then I just decided I have probably 2000 pieces of DSP and need to use it so I did by golly. This is K & Company DSP featuring Tim Coffey. I also used white, mellow moss cardstock from SU the flower and butterfly are from Hampton Art and I used Ribbon Mania, Crystal Effects for the butterfly and the salutation is from SU Oval All Stamp set. Isn't it pretty I've been on this stamping fever of Butterflies and using them as quick as I can.
Today is Sunday so I decided to be lazy and take a rest from making all these cards for Cards for Hero's. I think I'll put something up on my sidebar about Cards for Hero's because I really do enjoy making cards and this is such a worthwhile cause. Got any extra cards send them in and our soldiers will love you for it.
Have a wonderful Sunday, God Bless.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bring on the Snow

Today I spent the hot hot day playing inside with a bunch of my Copic's images. The first card I made I used a Penguin from SNS, that Sandy sent it to me. For the Penguin I used W7,W00, BG49, BG000, YR68, YG00 the tree (from DJ Inkers) I stamped on white confetti cs then colored E29, E79, G19, G28, G19 and a Uni-ball signo white pen for snow. I mounted the tree on textured card stock and then used sticker fonts to spell out 'Bring on the Snow'.

The second card is using a Whipper Snapper stamp colored with tons of Copics and Spica pens. I double mounted the image on vanilla cs and then used some very old DSP from Michael's. I looked everywhere for the maker and couldn't find it. The perfect bow was made with my Crafter 's Companion and wow is it easy to make all sizes of bows and all of them are perfect. Stay tuned in a few days I'll give you information on the bows. Super easy fast card.

This is a favorite card of mine I love love love the colors blue and brown. They rock together along with this toilet is to cute from Whipper Snappers. I used Copics on what little I could color but my salutation didn't come out good so I wrote over it and shouldn't have. Check out the plunger any way I used Spica pens for the confetti & stuff, then R20, R30,
R81, Y06, B24, C1 & C3. Then on the inside I stamped 'Happy Birthday ' by Judith stamps and the toilet paper roll and message "All Pooped Out". I think cards like this show my real personality.

OK so that's it for today I doubt I'll have half the time I had today in the Studio tomorrow but I'll try, it sure was a productive day today. I just love to pick up paper and put it together for a card. Honestly I love doing this but do you?

Friday Late Post

This is a circle card that I cut out once when I was up at my friend Becky's house for a day of stamping and crafting. I used the background set from SU Sprinkles and SU Ballet Blue ink. The die cut flower is called Daisy from SU and I just cut out 2 sets then I staggered them and rolling the edges. After I was all done I put a Daisy D Gem in the middle a butterfly with 3 super mini gems and the salutation 'Friend' up on top. I love cards like this with all the 3-D elements.

My next card is Black and White and actually I messed up the Salutation so I wiped it off and it looked good until I took this picture and now it shows. Oh well I used SU Black and Pure White paper, white craft ink, black ink, MM dotted Swiss ribbon, SU Great Friends & Time Well Spent stamp sets and SU Pretties Kit. Can you tell I have way to much SU stuff? If I could just get rid of the 50 retired sets I would be really happy, but their just not moving right now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and you have many blessings.

P.S. I just realized this wasn't posted last night so here you be.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rainy my cat

Which came first the chicken or the egg?
I have some information I really need to share, well I don't need to share it but if you read on it'll make you smarter then you'll always have the answer. This use to bug me its useless information, I'm the type of person that likes to know how it happens but sometimes you don't really want to know but I have the real scoop to make you SMART.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? According to the Bible the chicken came first: 'And the evening and the morning were the fourth day. And God said, 'Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.' Genesis 1:10-20

Now here is some good trivia: White shelled eggs are produced by hens with white feathers and ear loves. Brown shelled eggs are produced by hens with red feathers and red ear lobes. An average hen lays 300 to 325 eggs a year. A hen starts laying eggs at 19 weeks of age (now that's robbing the cradle). A mother hen turns over her egg about 50 times per day (so the yolk won't stick to the sides of the shell). Now don't you feel lucky you checked on my blog today?

Today I spent the day on the computer at SCS or Split Coast Stampers. When I buy a stamp set I go to SCS and look for ideas when I find one I copy and paste to my MS Word. I can get 6 photo's on one page then I cut them out and put them in my stamp set so that if I ever need a idea or quick start my Mojo I will have the ideas right along with the stamps. I have the designers name on the photo and if I really want to I can write the elements used to make the card.

You know I was staring at the computer screen on and off for over 5 hours today along with doing the laundry. My explanation of the computer is like this: your mouth is signing onto the Internet then you just start surfing and you keep going deeper and deeper like down the throat into the lungs, around the heart etc. You get caught up and the next thing you know its 4 hours later and you have to run up two flights of stairs to the potty. Oh is that to much information for you, I'm sorry next time I'll warn you if I think about it. I promise tomorrow I'll be back to normal and have a card or two for you. Big hugs to everyone!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy Day ???

This is another card that we made at SU Stamp camp. I loved the idea so much I came home and made like 10 quilts then I realized I didn't have the die cut to make this so I have all these unfinished quilt sheets sitting here. This is a great way to use up your scrap pieces of card stock. The squares are 1 1/4 inch and you put them together on a plain sheet of paper but I don't have the measurements here then you place it on the die cut and make sure its even on all sized then run it through the Big Shot. I have to tell you this card to me is really plain I think I would have to add eyelets a better ribbon a greeting something but the quilt coloring is endless. If your interested in the pattern I'll look up the measurements but its a fun card to make. I have gone through the catalog and cannot come up with the DSP we used sorry.

The second card is made with the Animal Cracker Stamp Set, Crushed Curry, Dusty Durango cardstock and Razzleberry Lemonade DSP with the Dusty Durango swiss dot grosgrain. I put the ribbon on the DSP then punched 5 1 inch circles to put behind it then I added the bow and now that's my favorite bow.

Well the day went just as I didn't plan. I had planned to go to see the movie Harry Potter mainly because my grand kids went without me (feel the love?) and grocery shop but that didn't work out. Instead I settled down in my studio about 12:30 to do a card challenge I made up for my girls on Trades & Treasured Friendships Yahoo group. Most of us have been together for 3 years wow that's a long time. Anyway I furnished the cardstock, vellum, DSP, ribbon and they get to make a card with any image they want and any style they want using as little or as much of the paper. Its due on August 17th and when all 10 are here I will post all 11 on my Blog for all to see. I'm really excited to see what each girl will make but I finished mine today. About 2:30 I realized I hadn't gone shopping and I had Mom quieted down watching bowling from 1978 on ESPN classic (she loves bowling she bowled a 289 in 1972 and has a patch to prove it). Well Walmart's shelves were empty and it was my week for all the essentials so I made it home 2 hours later with alot of nothing to eat. But I can wipe my butt and blow my nose and my daughter would be proud I used $14.50 worth of coupons nothing like her but geez she the queen of couponing here in Cleveland. Dinner's done my blog is updated and now I'm gonna catch up on emails.

Bless you all!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Christmas Card? August 4, 2009

I got to go to my Stampin UP! Stamp Camp Saturday at Brenda Holder's and as usual we had a wonderful time. Brenda is so full of energy I wished she'd share some of it because she is just precious. Anyway the Christmas card is breath taking. Everything is SU and came out of the new catalog. This reindeer stamp is on page 208 for $8.95. We stamped it and embossed it with Gold powder then we used the Specialty paper on page 158 called Groom honestly its beautiful but at $1.39 a sheet that's way to expensive for me but it's a quick beautiful card. We used 3 gold brads and some white paper to make a dot behind the brads but I don't think the punch is sold anymore by SU. Its like 1/4 punch. Anyway thank you Brenda for the beautiful card.

Our second card I messed up, Brenda is always saying don't jump ahead and she got me on this one. She used Bermuda Bay as the base card then Melon Mambo we sanded the flowers to pop them off the page and then we mad the cupcake. Well you all know how I love cupcakes and butterflies so she used a stamp set 'On a Pedestal' page 71 she used the one stamp and colored it with the new color pens punched out a dot for the cherry and then ran a small piece of Bermuda Bay through a brayer cut it to size and Brenda used pop dots to set it up off the card, I jumped the gun and glued it down. But its darling and if anyone is ever in the Harrison area the first Saturday of the month Brenda has Stamp Camp and we make 4 cards each time. She's funny, full of energy and bright ideas.

Till tomorrow!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Butterfly Time

My first card is done on all SU cardstock the stamp is from Inkadinkado Vernissage. I know you can't see the background stamp on this but I used Versamark with SU Sprinkles BG set on Craft cardstock the image is stamped with Amuse ink then colored with Copics. I used the SU spiral punch, Just Because rub on from SU and Creamy Carmel ribbon. I used CM corner rounder punch cause they the best. Taylored Expressions are super mini rhinestones on the filigree butterfly punch from Martha Stewart.

This next card is a fav of mine again mostly everything is SU the stamp set is Dreams du Jour I stamped with with black Amuse ink and colored it again with Copics, R81, Y21, Y26, YG67. Then I glued on a 5 X 5 piece of vellum, I used the Cuddlebug border pieces to emboss the flowers and a sponge to highlight them. I used Spellbinder Peony die cut and cut the largest out of MM Metal Mesh, then my second layer is pink piroette, then mellow moss and the white image. As an accent I used Martha Stewarts 3 butterfly punch and punched pink and vellum butterflies layers them & accenting them with the Taylored Expressions mini gems.

My third card is super simple K & Company paper sewn together then I used some glossy chocolate paper as a backdrop for the owl image. The little owl is from Inkadinkado dollar collection. I glued two pieces of SU 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon on the card Certainly Celery & Mellow Moss then tied to short pieces on to make it look like a tie.

Well gang that's its for tonight I will be back with the rest of the cards tomorrow oh and since today was play day at Brenda's I'll show you the cards I made there. Have a good night its storming now so bad it knocked out the Direct TV signal. Have a great night!

Losing my mind

Shoot I can't believe that its been 4 days. I bet I've made 10 cards since I posted on Tuesday and I've been on the computer everyday but I keep forgetting to update the blog. What is wrong with me that I can't remember to update, is it it laziness...naw its just plain silly lazy busy retired me! OK so now I will say a little prayer that God will help me with my senile ways and I'll get better at posting.