Friday, August 21, 2009

Dog gone "I'm Sorry"

I think this is a sweet card I should have made the inside a lot darker now that I look at it but I sent it on to a friend. I made this a few days ago and couldn't get to it because of the Internet issues I had. Certainly everyone has trouble with Internet carriers......NOT. Well I've been having issues for over two weeks and for DSL I know for a fact dial up is faster. I spent one day last week with Bellsouth for 3 hours and all was well until I hung up. I was so mad I walked away and the next day went back to fix it. Well over the weekend and following days life got in the way. This week I have had 3 doctors appointments and I won't go into the sorted details but I will be tied or should I say cut up for probably 7-9 months. I'll probably turn this into my journal because I will have both hips replaced one at a time but within 6 months of each other. OK back to the Internet yesterday I spent 3 hours, then 1 hour, then 2 hours with a supervisor because I was really mad but I finally got the bridge to my wireless set up and now I can be upstairs on my laptop with Mom in the late afternoon and evenings. It has been really hairy here lately with Mom hearing voices, imaging things and refusing to eat the foods I'm making for meals. Oh she wants to eat but she wants something completely different than I make. And I always check with her before I start dinner to see if she's OK with it, but then she changes her mind when I get her for dinner. Needless to say what with seeing 3 specialist this week for me and dealing with her and the Internet my week has been crazy. Vicki is taking Mom one day so I can have a "Me day" after the weekend.
So there I unloaded on ya again but I do have to say its usually the same three girls that read my blog. Thank you bunches Sandy, Deedee & Micki love you for your support and comments they do mean so much to know someone is reading this.
The card is SU cardstock and the new DSP from SU, the image is Whipper Snapper and yes that's patent leather for the ribbon I thought it really looked like a collar.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend and know your in my thoughts and prayers. God is good.


Sandy said...

You are just using the cutest images lately! The dog is super cute and you did a wonderful job on your cards! I love the colors you chose!

Okay...I know there's more than 3 of us that read your posts. Some just aren't commentors!

Micki said...

I agree with Sandy. I love your layout. And Granny..... I actually have a feed and know when you update, I come and read but am really bad sometimes about leaving comments. But I know how that can be kinda depressing. Happens to me too and don't ever worry about unloading... I know where you are and will find ya if I ever need to unload :-) Luv ya

Micki said...
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Micki said...

I was going to add to my reply but deleted it .... I'll PM you.