Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Well golly its been a long time and so much has happened.  I went to St. Germain, Wi. for 6 weeks, stayed at the Wisconsin Dells for a week and visited with an old classmate and friend of mine Charlene Erhke.  I visited with John and Diane Wirth (aka Sissy) for 6 weeks and it could not have been more relaxing.  I loved every minute of it and although we didn't really do much it was just nice to sit and feel comfortable.  Meals were great, Sissy is the best cook and she had to have foot surgery but that was nice cause we got to spend a lot more quality time together.  Looking forward in going next year also we'll see if I can get the house ready for sale or not.  Then I drove down to Goshen, In. for the International FROG Rally, that was totally awesome.  I got over $3000 in repairs made for the price of the Rally, made alot of new friends and learned alot about the RV.
I've made a lot of cards but for the Senior Home in Cleveland.  Now I'm gearing up to take Georgia, Cricket, Tucker and Jake to Florida for 5 months.  After waking up this morning freezing and running to turn the heater on I'm ready or will be in 2 weeks.  Even Tucker didn't want to get out of bed it was so cold and he appreciated his brown sweat shirt once he felt the morning air.

Here is a couple of cards I've made  while I was re organizing my stuff in the RV.  I'm suppose to teach card making classes at the Sun Resort I'm staying at.  I chose to do some paper piecing cards and some stamped cards.

I finally got the wheel barrel and tulips dies from Obsession Impressions and had so much fun with them. Oh but I didn't use the tulips on this card because I was hoping the flowers didn't get lost in the arrangement.  Well I best close and get to packing up for another trip to Florida.  Take care and God Bless.