Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just 4 you!

This was a pretty quick card that I made using some sample papers MS butterfly border punch and my Spellbinder dies. This is a digital image by Christie and I colored it with Copic's. I so loved to color with Copic's and it's been over a month since I picked up a single pen thank
goodness I have a big stash of pre-colored images.
I'm sorry I've been quick with my post lately but I am having to contract to do all the work to my home. Farmers sent me a check for all the damages instead of contracting to do the work so now everywhere I call I get this "Sorry there's a 3-4 month wait list". I need a vacation!!!
Hugs to all my faithful followers, I'm on the road to recovery and my Studio has seen the light after total darkness for 4 weeks. God Bless,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Always Remember

This weekend is for remembering our military near & far, from all the wars, all the deployments men, women and our Veterans. To alot of people Memorial weekend is a 3 day weekend, picnic, family gathering but its actually a time for all of us to take a few moments to thank a soldier, a veteran and let them know how much we appreciate them. When I first saw this stamp set from Stampin Up I knew I had to buy it for my Hero Cards for OWH. Now this past month I haven't made any cards because of the tornado damage and losing my mother but those soldiers didn't stop fighting in Iraq because it was to hot or to cold so I need to pick myself up off the ground and move forward making my usual 100 cards a month for OWH. I bought the patriotic paper at Michael's and the ribbon also and I plan to include this card with a special note for a OWH Hero. There is a huge OWH blog hop going on right now with 132 participates join in the fun and make some cards for our guys and gals. If you have any cardfronts or cards that you would like to donate to OWH you can send them to me and I will revise them into cards and ship them off or if you want just go to the website and find the nearest location to you for mailing cards, envelopes or donations. www.operationwritehome.org
Thanks and have a great weekend, Jeanine

Friday, May 27, 2011

Butterflies & Flowers always bring a smile!

How can you not smile when you see God's beautiful flowers and those precious butterflies flying around? I made this card to inspire me to look for the beautiful things in life and I need to get back into my Studio and start making cards for "Operation Write Home" and this is what I came up with. I used SU cardstock, Anna Griffith DSP some cute inchies and MS butterfly border punch. I keep salutations in a plastic box actually several containers hold many pre-stamped greetings and that way I don't have to get out everything just for a greeting. Hope you enjoy the card and hang in there with me while I get my Mojo workin again. Let's continue to pray for all those affected by the flooding, tornado's and vicious weather out there right now. God Bless, Jeanine

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming Home

Hello everyone and thanks for all your patience the last month.
My piggy card is from my stash of card but this one is a pre-colored from a free digi sight and I really need to start writing down when I do these because I write the artist name on the back of the digi but then forget it when I glue the card together. The flower is one that I made using the scallop punch from SU and crinkling them. I love pink and chocolate together and this is TAK paper. Love the saying I use it sometimes but not as much as I use to.
Personal Journey: I just got back last night from my whirlwind trip to Illinois. Let me tell you it was a trip that should be embedded in my brain for ever thanks to my brother-in-law and my big brother. Just imagine being in a tiny Kia with three people that have hardly anything in common except one thing and I thought driving up to Woodstock, Il we would share some of the memories of Mom and Dad but nope not much of that happened. Anyway I did see alot of the flooding in Illinois, Missouri wow I really question what's really happening in our world these days. Joplin brought back so many memories and my heart goes out to all those people. Well I have a dozen things to do today most important is to return this little rental and pickup my Jeep I so missed it and can't wait to drive it! Gotta git the little dog picked up and mail and tomorrow I need to get a mail box installed so I can get my mail delivered again.
Again thank you all for hanging in there for me, I still have a long road to go to get the house back to normal and then I'll decide what I'm gonna do. Loving thoughts and prayers for all of you. Jeanine

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ruff Day?

It certainly has been a rough few weeks but I do believe I have no where but to go but up. I love this little pug face from Doodle Pantry, I colored him with Copic's put him on Certainly Celery cardstock from SU, then I used the Spellbinder die's with the heart border. My DSP is from SU, I just cut a square for the card then cut the DSP in half . I used the SU oval punch to put the greeting on the card, then I just added the daisy flower and so enjoyed making the card.
Personal Journey: It's been a busy few days and I have all the arrangements made for the graveside service in Illinois. It will be a long few days starting on Sunday when I drive to Patton, Missouri (7 hours) pick up my brother and his wife then drive through to Springfield, Illinois (3 hours) where we'll get motel rooms and spend the night. Then we'll pick up my brother-in-law and drive to Woodstock, Illinois (3-4 hours). After the service the boys want to turn around and drive back so I'll let them drive and when we get to Missouri, I'll drive a few miles to the Cape find a motel and spend the night. Then I'll just take my time driving home maybe stop off in Clarksville and visit my friend Sue Powers. Heck you never know what I'll do. Remember to 'Pay it forward', God Bless. Jeanine

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clara Maynard 1918-2011

My mother, Clara Mae (Raven) Maynard passed away May 16, 2011 at 1:15 PM. She was 92 1/2 and loved life, her last few weeks were spent in the hospital and Life Care of Athens,Tennessee. Mom was married to Vernon for 55 years, she had 3 children: Marguerite, Robert and me! She was born and raised in McHenry, Illinois to Royal James Raven and Emma Loetsch. She had 5 brothers and 2 sisters and lived on a big farms. She loved bowling and bingo and loved to dance. She'll be dancing now in Heaven with all her family. She will be buried in McHenry County Memorial Gardens next to her husband and parents within the next week. God rest her weary soul.
Personal Journey: I spent Friday and Sunday with Mom and I've had several long talks with you although she never really responded. I knew she was holding on for a reason but I just wasn't sure what it was. I explained that if she was waiting for Robert her son to come it wasn't going to happen but that she would always know we loved her. I then started reading her the book "There really is a Heaven". I think she was afraid of dying afraid of her past catching up with her, so after talking to her about her changed ways in the past few years and the story about Heaven she finally understood that God was with her forever. I received a phone call on Monday saying her breathing was
dense and that they had called the doctor. Within 30 I received another phone call saying Mom had passed. It's really a relief to me and I know it is to her, she's been though alot the past few months. I know that she's at peace and all is well. I hope that my followers will stick with me as I take a weeks leave to take Mom's remains to Illinois for a Graveside service. I can't leave until Friday as my car won't be ready. I still don't have Internet or Phone service but AT & T says their working on it. I should be able to post another time or two before I leave but again thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I promise I'll be back and stronger than ever. God Bless, Jeanine

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recycle Project

I have to come up with some unique as a Thank you card for all the volunteers that helped out with the Tornado victims. I went to pick up some mail at the Post Office and found this flier about recycling. And the light bulb went off. Yes the lights are still on............... sometimes !
So I picked up this brochere and got to work making sure that I show everyone how I recycle. This isn't the first time I've done a recycle project for the blog but this one is full of heart. I used SU Garden Green, Certainly Celery, an white cardstock then I punched out with my postage stamp punch from Marvy, after layering I arranged the smart recycle ideas on the paper then punched out the 'Thank you' from Martha Stewarts punch. I plan on delivering this card but it will probably be another month before they let us put in mailboxes for home delivery. I think the card turned out darling and I'm sure they will appreciate the concept. You don't have to have alot to make a card and when your limited on money you can think of many ways to recycle and use your creativity.
Personal Journey: Well we've survived 2 weeks and things are working out, I'm still going to McDonalds to get WiFii but free is better than no Internet. I miss making entries to my blog and I miss talking to all my wonderful Cyber friends. Yesterday the contractor came by and did an estimate on my home, I have to have a new roof, new turbans on the roof, new gutters, my new windows in the back have to be re-framed because Mr. Tornado pulled them out. I'll get all new railing on the redwood porch because the tree fell on it. My Jeep is almost a brand new car now, its blue book p
rice is $5000 and all the damage on it will cost $3315 but I love my Grand Cherokee and although its 2000 it only has 100,000 miles on it. The Kia rental is ok but I've never wacked my head so many times getting in and out of one car. Hopefully work will start in the next week on the house then I can get back to some normality. It will never be normal Mrs. Nix's will fix the house and sell it. Janice won't be back in her house for 6-9 months and the Leadfords found a small home very close to their daughter and want to buy it, then just sell their land. I look out and I see all the devastation and the nightmare comes back. I'll close out for now and hopefully by this weekend I will have the cable for Internet and phone. Untill then thank you for being patient with me and including Mom and I in your prayers. Jeanine

Friday, May 6, 2011

Got Power-Yepper Depper Dew

Fooled ya I actually made this card a few weeks ago before all the havor happened. Its made with SU DSP, 3-D Embellishments and ric rack. I plan on making Thank you cards for all the volunteers that helped me and the neighborhood out hopefully next week.
Personal Notes: We got power back last night at 9:10 PM I was standing outside with the Orlando Utilities Company serviceman when the lights came on. I started clapping and thanking the 16 men came in 5 trucks as a disaster relief team. They had worked in my neighborhood for 7 days straight to completely rewire the electric poles and homes that were damaged or destroyed by the tornado. I can't begin to thank all the volunteers and services that reach out to help the homeless. I decided the yard sale I was going to have would become donations for those with nothing. Red Cross volunteers that were going door to door knew who needed what and it worked out well. I got rid of tons of stuff and many people got clothes, dishes, shoes and goodies. This morning I got up and took a ten minute HOT shower it was heaven and I had coffee it was wonderful. Now I still don't have a phone, Internet or TV but I do have power so I can charge my cell phone, do laundry and cook. Oh yea I don't have any food or nothin to cook. I'm working on getting everything fixed and then I want to sell the house and move to a townhome or apartment. I have no neighbors and won't have for almost a year but mostly because I won't have to worry about yard work and upkeep of the house. Plus all the construction truck, hauling out of trees and destruction it's a chance to move that I wouldn't otherwise have had. I got a rental car and have gone to see Mom a few times in Life Care of Athens, she is a skelaton weighing in at 103 pounds and she is totally out of it for knowing anyone. The doctor has taken all medications away for her heart and is offering pain meds as needed. I'll be going up to see her on Mother's Day and then just spending the day with my dog. Vicki has to work all day and I'm sure my youngest will call so the grandkids can talk to me, she has called quite a bit since the tornado. Well I hadn't meant to make this so long but felt since I hadn't updated all week I should at least touch base with all of you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, please know I wish I could call you all but I can't until I get my home phone. Remember to 'Pay it Forward' I've seen alot of that this past week. God Bless, Jeanine

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornado Distruction

Hi everyone, I'm up at Micky D's again its been 4 nights and its getting better. Everyone is volunteering and we have water, batteries and lots of help from all the church groups. They say we still will be without electricity for 3 weeks. My hot water ran out so I broke down and went to my daughter's yesterday for a few hours. It was nice to have TV, relax on the back porch and enjoy the peace and quiet. This first picture is of my neighbors house without the roof.

This is Janice across the street from me and my driveway and street blocked by a tree thats 5 feet around. Good news my friend Karass found my mailbox today and the mail. Good thing I had a bill in there and the county didn't care when they brought in the bulldozer to clean the street. I did lose my new flower pot that goes around the mailbox post and all the pretty flowers but thats such a small loss compared to what these other people lost and it was such an old neighborhood you just wonder how many of these people had insurance.
This pic is from my back yard where I had 5 old oak trees at least 30-40 feet tall God was looking after me when they went down on my back porch and shed but never touched the house. I've had Josh & Karass my old neighbors over everyday since the tornado cutting trees, limbs, hauling stuff off to the garbage, raking, they have been such a blessing to me. My mother is fine in Athens, I haven't been to see her but I have called. My daughter had no damage except a tree knocked down. I save my cell phone for calls from the insurance company and other stuff for mom. As soon as I have electricity I'll be able to start making cards just for the stress relief. I'm suppose to get a rental car Tuesday then I can drive to Athens to see her. I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and thank God each time I think about it for my many blessings. I have seen so much Pay it Forward in the past few days I'm delighted to say God was with all of us and is with us all just for the asking. Please know I'm thinking about all of you. Love, Jeanine