Friday, May 6, 2011

Got Power-Yepper Depper Dew

Fooled ya I actually made this card a few weeks ago before all the havor happened. Its made with SU DSP, 3-D Embellishments and ric rack. I plan on making Thank you cards for all the volunteers that helped me and the neighborhood out hopefully next week.
Personal Notes: We got power back last night at 9:10 PM I was standing outside with the Orlando Utilities Company serviceman when the lights came on. I started clapping and thanking the 16 men came in 5 trucks as a disaster relief team. They had worked in my neighborhood for 7 days straight to completely rewire the electric poles and homes that were damaged or destroyed by the tornado. I can't begin to thank all the volunteers and services that reach out to help the homeless. I decided the yard sale I was going to have would become donations for those with nothing. Red Cross volunteers that were going door to door knew who needed what and it worked out well. I got rid of tons of stuff and many people got clothes, dishes, shoes and goodies. This morning I got up and took a ten minute HOT shower it was heaven and I had coffee it was wonderful. Now I still don't have a phone, Internet or TV but I do have power so I can charge my cell phone, do laundry and cook. Oh yea I don't have any food or nothin to cook. I'm working on getting everything fixed and then I want to sell the house and move to a townhome or apartment. I have no neighbors and won't have for almost a year but mostly because I won't have to worry about yard work and upkeep of the house. Plus all the construction truck, hauling out of trees and destruction it's a chance to move that I wouldn't otherwise have had. I got a rental car and have gone to see Mom a few times in Life Care of Athens, she is a skelaton weighing in at 103 pounds and she is totally out of it for knowing anyone. The doctor has taken all medications away for her heart and is offering pain meds as needed. I'll be going up to see her on Mother's Day and then just spending the day with my dog. Vicki has to work all day and I'm sure my youngest will call so the grandkids can talk to me, she has called quite a bit since the tornado. Well I hadn't meant to make this so long but felt since I hadn't updated all week I should at least touch base with all of you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, please know I wish I could call you all but I can't until I get my home phone. Remember to 'Pay it Forward' I've seen alot of that this past week. God Bless, Jeanine


CJ said...

Jeanine -

I am so sory about hte tornado tha thit your area. I a finally getting few minutes to say check you blog and thank you for the wonderful goodies you sent me. I am so greatful. If there is anything you need at all, you can count on me.

Your friend CJ

Gina said...

Such a cute card! I just love ric rak. Sorry to hear about your Mom's health struggles. I know you are so happy to have electricity!

sas44 said...

Good to have an update from you as I've been concerned that you haven't had elecdtricity. Sorry your Mom is not doing better. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Cute cdard and the rick rack is just the right touch. Take care

Deedee Anderson said...

Granny, I am so sorry that you have had to go through this, my friend. Yet what I'm reading here is hope and opportunities to help and make some changes that you have longed for -- just like you to turn a miserable situation into incredible good! I continue to pray for you, sweetie, and for your mom. Much love!