Sunday, June 23, 2013

My new life begins.....................

This is Georgia, she and I started a new life adventure last Thursday the 20th of June when I bought her to be my new home away from homes.  I have Justin (my oldest grandson) living with me now since his parents moved to Colorado Springs, Co. and he's trying to finish his college education.  Needless to say I won't be selling the house until he finishes school so he's going to be the keeper of the house on Archer Lane.  I have always wanted to travel around the U.S. but after I retired I moved to be near my daughter and grandkids.  Mom had a heart attack and I ended up being her care taker for 8 years.  So now after my health issues, the tornado and Mom passing I'm ready to take the bull by the horns and go.  It's probably taken me better than a year to research and look for that special unit but when I saw Georgia I knew I had found home.  Granted I had said I wanted a small unit 24 feet something I could take anywhere but the more I looked and the more I researched I realized the Class A was the best deal.

This is a Forest River RV, Georgetown model with 2 slides, 31.5 feet long from bumper to bumper and 12.8 feet tall.  I took a driving course on Thursday afternoon of 3 hours and luckily I didn't hit any cars, trucks or curbs.  I learned how to make a right turn a left turn and backing up with the rear view camera.  
Of coarse I had to have a table and lots of storage for my card making so below the booth seats are 4 feet of storage on both sides and there are cabinets overhead.   Since I'm not much of a cooker I didn't need a large kitchen...
and I didn't need a large refrigerator but I have tons of storage space inside and then the basement is big also.
Check out the pantry next to the refrigerator and all the drawers.  Then we move to the large walk in shower
and the private bathroom with potty and lots of counter and storage space in there.  But my pride and joy is the bedroom with all the closet space and drawers.  Well you all know I have two artificial hips lots of metal in my back and femur so I need to sit down to do my hair and make-up,  This bedroom made me say yes almost on the spot.
Now I negotiated for a while then I walked out and went back a week later after I had done more research and had a good amount of info to offer them.  After a while we struck a deal and I'm a happy camper.  I have a ton of stuff to load into it but before that I have to have the County come out and widen my driveway.  I will be on them like shit on a stick until they finish it so I can bring my girlfriend home and get ready for the traveling.  I'm in RV paradise right now but I'm so happy and excited I can hardly wait.  My brother (Bob) is coming in this week to help with some stuff and then I'll be off.  But I promise to keep up the blog with all my travel and crafting as much as possible, just bear with me for a while till I get ready.
Stampin Hugs,   Jeanine