Saturday, April 27, 2013

                                              Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit!

Wow its Saturday the 2 year anniversary of the Tornado that leveled this neighborhood.  The weather looks identical as it did that day dark and ominous my neighbor and I have already spoke today about it.  We both have very vivid memories of it, I know it was the start of some very bad times for me and I'm just now starting to come out of the darkness.  But you know what, I have to say I was very blessed that day that it was not worse for me.  It was the beginning of feeling very alone and my faith has helped me there.  I tried to reach out yesterday to someone but they didn't care so now I just continue to go on day by day and live my life.  I'm done trying to salvage what meant more to me than life itself.  It just makes me more depressed and I'm trying so hard to come out of that.

Everyone have a great weekend and enjoy each other for we have such little time left together. God Bless,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Well its Sunday and I have little to report.  I drove up to Louisville outside of Knoxville to see some RV's yesterday but the gentleman that reported he had some great deals for me to see was to busy to see me and so I waited over 30 minutes to see another salesman, now isn't that a change of pace?  Then I was told two of the three motor homes I went to see were sold and the third one was a old piece of junk.  Geez I was mad so I ended up looking at another RV place although they only had one and it was $39,999. Guess I'm wishing for gold on a aluminum budget!
Well I have been making a few cards here and there and thought I would post some that I mailed off to Operation Write Home on Friday.

  Yes I like pink and I was in a pink mood and life sucks sometimes.  I know God is just testing me but I wasn't a good student in school and he should know that!    I can't wait to sell off this house and hit the road.  God Bless to all catch you all later!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A new me!

Hello everyone, I know its been a long long time and for that I am sorry but I needed some me time to recover after the tornado, Mom's passing and life in general.  I'm still making cards for Operation Write Home but their not as detailed as I use to make.  I have moved a lot of my stuff upstairs and work in the area but I am packing up and trying to liquidate as much as I can.  I plan to get a storage locker and move everything that I'm keeping there until I decide what I really want to do.  Shall I be a full-time  RVer or just go on a whim?  Until I do it, I really won't know but heck fire I gotta find a RV that I want first.  So I put some time each day away to go look or search the Internet.  I'll keep updating the blog and I'll post about my travels, experiences and cardmaking as much as I can.  Wish me luck and know I'm out there finally.

I guess I should fill everyone in on all that's been happening in my life.  Geez last year I went in for my left hip replacement and ended up in a Rehab hospital for 3 months due to them breaking my femur in surgery and not knowing until 2 weeks later after much protesting from me.  I had been forced to walk on it  by Physical Therapy and so I shattered the femur. I couldn't believe my poor kitty Jake was watched by my neighbor but he was traumatized over it. The my precious Granddaughter asked me to help her with her wedding and that was wow amazing.  We formed a bond between us that will be there forever.
 I have not taken many trips since I was busy with the wedding February 2, 2013, but I did have to run up to Missouri two days after the wedding because my brother had open heart surgery and a quadruple bypass surgery.  He's doing great as a matter of fact he's off RVing in his 40 foot Beaver.  Well I best close this up and check emails but I promise to be back soon.  Tomorrow I'm going to Knoxville to look at RV's, so wish me luck.  God Bless, Jeanine