Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just when you think......

Nothing can get worse it happens............... Sorry I haven't been around lately waiting on the contractor to get started on the house and I'm so tired of waiting. Tomorrow it will be 90 days since the tornado and the Roofers took over my driveway. Moe and Jake watched as the supplies were brought in and then the rain came after the roof shingles were off
so this is what I got at 5:15 last night. Enough to make a grown woman cry and I was really was really close to just losing it then I remembered that I had a house to live in and a roof over my head where as many families are without homes. So I took a few pictures and moved on with life, it's way to short to worry about the small stuff. Today the contractor's came in and they plan to Kiltz the ceiling and paint it this evening and then their job will be done.
After they leave we have the power washing of the house and then the painting of the house and patio decks. Then Friday they are repairing my ceiling in my bedroom where the tornado damage messed it up. Other than that all when the Four Season Room is finished another chapter of my life will be over and then maybe I can move on.
Hopefully with the repairs done and the start of a new month I'll head down to my Studio and clean it up some. Maybe touching all my supplies and trinkets I'll get my creative groove moving again. Remember to 'Pay it Forward'. Hugs to you all, Jeanine

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome Jake

Yep, I couldn't take it anymore I missed Rainy so badly that I've been looking at rescue cats for about a month. I saw Jake a few weeks ago and he was called a Ragdoll Maine Coon cat, he's 14 weeks old and so laid back I crack up each time he lays down for a nap..
Oh Man it's too light in this room, turn out the lights!
Ok if I cross my arms she might think I'm saying my prayers and like me all the more.
Yes this really is my tummy and back legs and me twisted in the middle and going a totally different direction for my head and front feet. This is a normal sleeping position for him he moves his body alot.
Is this not a little angel? He's so calm and agreeable, he sleeps in the bathroom at night and he almost knows it's bedtime. When I open the door he runs out like its the best thing ever to happen.
He covers his ear and cracks me up. His favorite toy is the lazer light from Walmart $2.88 with extra batteries. He has a tiny mouse I got at the dollar store and flips it in the air all the time. He was hand fed so he kneads alot and it hurts with those tiny little sharp toe nails but hey he is such a lover and so cuddly.
Tomorrow he's headed to the vet to be neutered, brought up to date on shots and whatever he needs. He'll be an indoor cat and no way will he go outdoors but I know Rainy is happy I found another cat. I needed something to make me laugh some, I'm still waiting on the repairs for the house and dealing with them is such a hassle. I did color with Copic's this morning but still not in the Studio much. I've lost my desire to create cards and I'm trying so hard to get it back. I love making cards I just don't like going down in the basement anymore the tornado really changed my life and I'm trying really hard to get back to normal. Please bear with me I need my friends.
Hugs, Jeanine

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Chick'n in on You

This is a Doodle Pantry digital image along with the cardstock. I downloaded all of it then printed it all out, everything was pre-colored and makes its very easy to make quick cards for any and all venues. This could be a Get Well card, Thinking of you card or pretty much a fun card all around. I know I' ve been really quiet lately but I think I'm getting back on track and realized life goes on. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and the encouragement you've given me. Today I spent six hours in my Studio making cards for Operation Write Home but I haven't mailed any birthday cards like I normally do, it has really been hard to mail over 250 birthday cards a year and have half of them not even acknowledged or recognized so I will now be more selective with the cards I mail. I hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend and enjoyed the 4th of July. Have a wonderful week. Jeanine

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth

This is the time to bow our heads and say a prayer for all those fighting for our freedom. We take our freedom for granted and actually so many are fighting for our freedom and we owe them so much. Happy Fourth of July to all of you.
This card is all SU materials with the exception of the Copic's and ribbon. May all of you have a wonderful happy evening.
Hugs, Jeanine