Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Popcorn Bear Bath Time

Isn't this just the cutest image?  Now that I look at it, it needs something but I'm not sure what any ideas?  I love this SU DSP Thoroughly Modern, I used the SU ribbon and the salutation
 "You scrub up well?

Today I posted early because I'm headed to the dentist to have some bridge work removed.  I have TMJ and actually ground through my bridge breaking off the porcelain on it.  So with an estimate of $3000 and insurance only paying half I think its gonna hurt.  They say it will be my longest appointment because they have to cut the 5 tooth bridge out.  Ouch ouch ouch, I hate dentist so if I don't check back in tonight you'll all know why.
Stampin hugs to all you faithful followers.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Challenge

Yep, this is my card for the Monday Challenge at Crafting with Deedee's Digi's.  I used SU card stock and some DSP I've had for probably 10 years.  The DSP came in a pack of 6 X 6 paper that I bought at QVC and it had all the colors of the rainbow.  So I picked some Ocean blue, Green and pick and had at it, the card has ten layers of card stock and DSP along with the perfect string ribbon in blue, pink and beige.  I used Deedee's digi 'Sweetest Flower' and colored them with Copic's then I added mini gems to the corners and finished off with the salutation 'Just a Note'.   So take the challenge and go to http://www.craftingwithdeedeesdigis.blogspot.com/ and enter to win a free digi and even get a new free digi for your stash.
This card will go with an envelope into the pile of 100 cards I've made for Operation Write Home this month helping to keep soldiers in touch with their love ones back here in the states. Check the group out at www.owhstarsandstamps.org/
Have a blessed day everyone!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Watermelon Time.....

Isn't she just the cutest little girl?  Sandy sent me this image and I really pressed my luck on the coloring of this.  I started out with my Copic's and colored her dress and ribbons in orange OK that's fine then I realized as I did the rind of the watermelon that I was putting red in with orange and that might not work.  Well oh well I think it worked just fine with the flowers and card stock.  This is a Whipper Snapper stamp and I used a mixture of flowers, SU card stock. 

My Sunday was really quiet since Mom has gotten her nights and days mixed up.  She went to bed last night at 8 PM as normal but she was up and sitting on the couch at 3:15 AM when I got up to let out the dogs.  I told her the time and walked her back to bed, after 2 more attempts to get up where I had to get her back to bed she slept in until noon.  I've noticed her sleeping with her bedroom light on lately and if I turn it off, she'll wait till I go back to bed and she'll turn in on.  Hello, my room is next to hers and the light shines in my room so I know but I just try to deal with it go on.  It seems like lately she goes in spurts where she sees people sitting at the dining room table and she telling me my company is waiting for me.  Alot of times there are kids playing on the back porch but when I look no one is there and I know if before I look but she gets mad if you don't go check like she asks.  Today she's pretty mellow but yesterday she didn't want to eat anything I made, she made a mess in the bathroom and she walked outside while I was downstairs so I think I'll have to put in the alarms now on the doors.  She hasn't ever gone outside without me or someone with her, she stays in the house while I run to the store if its for milk or something, and I did have my neighbor watching for her when I left.  She even told the caretaker Joyce that she was fired and that she could leave rign then and there one day while I was out for the afternoon running errands.  Mom was really belligerent with Joyce and so Joyce called me on my cell phone to tell me.  I came home and Mom said "No more I don't need a babysitter", well we had a talk but I really don't think she comprehended anything I said.  It's sad to see her look of surprise when you tell her something or listen while she tries to tell you something that she can't explain because she can't find the words.  Someday are good and Somedays are bad but I wouldn't wish this care taking job on anyone.  Now thank you for letting me vent you know what I miss the most....talking to an adult. 
Hope your weekend was good and that you count your blessings.
Stampin Hugs,

Friday, June 25, 2010

Popcorn Bear & Pup

I love the Popcorn Bear, I use to have several of the sets but found that the stamps were just to big for a A2 card and I just couldn't get a good impression so I spoke up to the company.  Now they made a bunch of new stamps and the stamps are so easy to use.  So I purchased 3 of the new sets from Crafters Companion.  This pup is from the Angel Wishes Set and stamped on SU chocolate chip, SU DSP and the ribbon is Michael's $1.00 bin, flower by Donte.
I need to get my mojo going, I haven't crafted in 3 days and today I thought I would get tons done but couldn't color to save my soul, nor could I make a card so after the frustration set in I quit for the day.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a black & white thing!

Well I'm on a roll with black and white card stock aren't I?  I love this little donkey its from Whipper Snapper designs and since I didn't like the salutation on the stamp I cut him out and popped him up on SU Card stock, Strip ribbon and my penmanship for the 4 U and sorry I'm late.  The DSP is called Kids Stuff from DCWV.

My second card is the bottom half of the DSP from DCWV (the paper looks like a chalkboard) the oval is from the SAB's of SU.  Quick cards for OWH but yet cute as heck.

Today I spent the day in the yard mowing my half acre.  I started off weed eating then the mower then the riding lawn mower.  After three hours I was wiped out but finished, then I jumped in the shower and collapsed on the bed for a quick nap.   Mom was good she sat on the couch all day and watched tv, then I took her for a ride while I treated her to Zaxby's (which is her favorite chicken).  Now I'm resting with her in bed for the night and me just catching up.  My computer man charged me $125 for my desk computer and nothing has changed I'm so mad I'll never go back there again.  I did call him and told him not to touch my laptop, he wasn't going to wipe it clean like he did my desktop!  Well I'm so happy I have my laptop back and I can get on with chatting.  Hope I'm not boring you I guess I should put a disclaimer on the paragraph where I spout off about anything and everything so if your not into personal life you can stop reading.  Well its been a trying two weeks without my puter's to keep me sane but I made it and only God knows how much strength it took out of me.  Well have a great wow its almost the weekend ok, have a great weekend talk with you tomorrow!
Stampin Hugs,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Challenge's can be rewarding!

I just love challenges but then when it comes to computers I'm not a challenge at all.  I did this challenge for Deedee's digi's and if you can't see it since I don't do photographs well either I used SU CS, the polka dot embossing folder and some paper I've had for over 8 years.  I love black and white, its kind of like me, either its black or its white but I don't beat around the bush.  I love the digi's and Deedee is launching her digi store offically  July 1st so I want to promote her beautiful digi's as much as possible.  Plus the fact that I'm on her design team and don't know what to do so I follow the others and so far its ok.

Now here's another with the same verse for Deedee's Monday Challenge and the card is going to  OWH or 'Operation Write Home' when I'm finished.  I only have 24 cards to make to offically get my 100 cards a month to all the soldiers.  It's so rewarding to know that I can 'Pay it Forward' for anyone who needs my help.  Check out Deedee's digi's by clicking on the icon at the left.

 I finally got ahold of my computer man and he had a list a mile long wrong with my laptop, I told him I wanted it back and not to fix anything because I didn't have anything wrong with it except for the error message when I powered up. So I pick it up tomorrow and I can't wait to get back to normal and get all my pictures online an start blogging like normal.  Everyone take care and have a really blessed week.
God bless, 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Hanging In There!

Well it's been a hard week for me I so wanted to post to the blog but things just didn't work out and then my brother came in unscheduled for a few days and just blew me out of the water.  I just got my computer back and it's still freezing so we will give mister computer guy a call tomorrow reference problems.  I just love this new digi that Deedee came up with how many times have we said 'Just hang in there' and she did a great job designing this one.  I finally got my computer to print it before it froze again.

I used the SU cardstock and of coarse some SU DSP from years ago my Martha Stewart punches got some work and I had some really cute balloon brads I added.  I love that Deedee adds several verses to the stamp because it makes them so versatile.  Check them out anytime at: http://www.deedeesdigis.blogspot.com/
Have a great week and a blessed day!

Hang in there with me!

Ladies, I just posted a notice to my blog and it appeared on Deedee's blogsite so whatever is going on I'm not really sure.  I took time to make some cards this afternoon and once I get them in the computer I will come back and post them on the blog tonight. 
Thank you for hanging in there with me.
Stampin Hugs,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Deedee's Challenge

This darling card is one of Deedee's digi's that she has one sale this week for a dollar and I just love him so I put him together this morning while my brother entertained Mom.  Its real simple using SU Night of Navy , Francis Meyer's Patriotic DSP,  then I used some scraps set Patriotic Bear on pop ups, added some heart gems and I was done. 

Got a call today saying my computer crashed yesterday and he is working on something so it might be a day or two more.  My brother arrived last night at 11PM after being caught in a freeway backup for over 2 hours at 5 PM just outside of Chattanooga.  After waiting for over 2 hours and not moving he watched 9 other drivers back up an turn onto the entrance ramp so he decided it was to hot to sit any longer and did the same thing.  At the top of the ramp was the THP handing out tickets, then they sent them back down the ramp to wait with no information.  About 45 minutes later the officer came down and announced on the PA from his car that they only had a mile and a half till it was clear sailing, then he backed up turned around and drove up the entrance ramp the same way all the others had.  Bob was furious saying how can he do it but I can't.  Oh he was mad, he should have been here by 7 PM and instead got held up 3 hours and got a $150 fine.  Now my personal feeling is and always has been 'How can I give out a ticket to something that I do myself?'  So I told him to fight the ticket especially because they had closed the freeway down behind them and had everyone exit the freeway but didn't bother to notify the ones ahead of the ramp.  What's your viewpoint?
Stampin Hugs,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No computer yet !

Nope I'm beginning to think my repairman has left town!  But at least I have Vicki's computer and I'm rigging my laptop to the Internet if I don't hear anything by tomorrow.  Anyway I wish I could say that I've had lots of time to play but I haven't.  I set a goal to do a stair step yesterday after I did the yard work and took a shower so this is my stair step card using Deedee's digi's and a SU Fifth Ave floral rose.  Gee this card was easy and fast to make and I really enjoyed pulling out some 2006 SU paper to use.  I have more DSP that God should allow a person to have, it's so old I don't have a name of it but it was a favorite of mine and I put it in my special stash.  I got the pattern out of the Card Maker Magazine July issue.  It was written by Valerie Stangle bu I think I would make a tutorial with easier directions.  Anyway I used Deedee's digi's Everlasting light.  Some SU papers and ribbon and all done.
I sure hope you enjoy the card and I will put up some other goodies I made tomorrow for sure.  Oh on the home front my brother called this morning and said he was on his way down for a visit.  Well I won't hold my breath, nor will I make any plans until I see him eye to eye.  He's said way to many times he's coming to see Mom and then doesn't show so I don't even tell Mom her favorite child is coming until I see the white's of his eyes.
Have a great day and check out Deedee's digi's she has new designs almost daily.  http://www.deedeesdigis.blogspot.com/
God Bless,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Beach

Oh would l love to go to the beach, I'd probably sit in my car with the AC on and watch people cause you sure as heck wouldn't catch me in a bathing suit or shorts.  I fell in love with this Lifesaver's chair its so cool and I cannot remember the name of the company, I promise to give it credit when I get my own computer back.  I used Copic's to color it first time I did the sky thing by hand and I just got my Air brush starter kit but haven't had time to play with it but I used the SU Welcome home DSP, some mini rope and cute dots to finish it off.  I've got over 50 cards done already for my monthly 100 count already.  I just get going and the mojo flows...God has blessed me with a gift and I love designing these card.
Ya'll comment and I'll be a happy little camper, promise!!!

Chuck the computer guy says my computer should be ready on Tuesday morning so that is a blessing.  I made this card and thought I posted it but heavens no something happened.  Anyway at daughters house for dinner and thought I would use her computer to post.  Hugs to you all.
Stampin Hugs,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday and I'm still on borrowed time!

Yes, I am still without a computer and I have over 200 emails  so this nice computer guy lets me use his office computer so I can get online and say I'm OK everyone!!!
I have to say I have plenty of time for card making and I have quite a few in my stash pile right now.
I love to make these quilt cards for birthdays because I love the verse that I put on them from Papertrey Stamps.  It sure is a great way to use up all those scraps you have lying around and the soldiers at OWH can always use Birthday cards.  I used SU card stock with all of these and miscellaneous DSP for the quilt that I cut out with the SU Top Note die or any other Spellbinder die that you have lying around.
Add some flowers, ribbons, dew drops and ribbon charms and it's easy to get cards made.  I already have 64 cards made for the month but then I haven't had a chance to play online so I'm fine.
Now if any of you want an idea of how to make these I did a tutorial on them back in April but if you have questions just email me and I'll try to answer them.   In the mean time remember to 'play or pay it forward'.  God Bless,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sorry, Sorry Sorry!!!

I am so sorry, we have had some bad storms here lately and Saturday the storm knocked out my main computer.  I always work on my blog in the evening after I have Mom in bed and I pull out my laptop and work upstairs.  Well with the main computer caput I had no router or connections so I had to wait till Monday to call in the re-enforcements.  So now I'm jimmy rigged up to the Internet downstairs and have little time for playing.

Anyway I will try real hard to post whenever I can and keep you all informed as to when I'm back online.  Now for my card isn't he the cutest croc?  I wouldn't be saying that if he was standing new to me but this is another of Deedee's Digi's and its called 'Smile Crocodile'.  I used SU Welcome Neighbor DSP, silver brads, silver chain, SU eyelet and some Studio 18, Paper Flowers.  This is also my card for the weekly OWH challenge so I sure hope you enjoy it and will hang in here with me till the puter is fixed.
God bless,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cards, Cards and more Inchies!

I have challenged myself to make 100 cards a month for the Operation Write Home Organization and I got to thinking about how I bet the Dad or Mom would love to have some cards to send home to their kids.  I was at Michael's on Monday and saw these cute  Recollections Monkeys on sale for 79 cents.  Wow 12 to a package means I could make 4 cards out of 1 pack so with DCWV Grade School DSP Stack I was ready to begin my quest for Mommy & Daddy cards. 
Here are all the cards I made with Die Cuts with a View DSP and Recollections Monkeys a pack of Race Cars and Ducks & flowers in Puffy Stickers.
I made inchies to hold the race cars that are puffy stickers and so cute.  It amazes me what you see when you take pictures and their blown up in size.  Jeez I could have added ribbon, should of added
more layers.  Should of would of could of but since the first of the month I've made 34 cards to send off already but I usually mail one big package at the end of the month.
I didn't have any yellow rick rak so I used Copic Y15 to color this white rick rak.  I learned you need to let it dry before you try to put it on the card.  Made a little mess on the card but I hope I covered it OK.

Each of the cards have a small salutation either 'Princess, I miss you!' or Son, I miss you!  I think these will be wonderful so parents can send a little love home to their children.
I really enjoyed making these and they only took a few hours to make 12 cards.  So I made these cards for less than $2.50 worth of puffy stickers, card stock and stamped salutations.
Have a great night and remember to 'Pay it forward'.
God Bless,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thanks for all

Thank for all the little things you do!  I never say that enough to my friends or family I just assume they know.
This is a digi image from Deedee's digi's I really don't want to burn anyone out but she's got some really adorable digi's at http://www.deedeesdigis.blogspot.com/
I took this one  called 'Little Miracles' and colored the dragonfly with Copic's then just layered it on SU card stock and K & Co. Marcella Princess Paper, I colored 3 clear buttons with G93 tied some embroidery thread in them added a bow and I'm done but not finished.

I get on a roll and I don't quit my juices were flowin and since I had these digi's colored I just did another card with K & Co. Marcella DSP,  SU cardstock,  pink gems,  and SU ribbon. 
It's the first of June wow, I remember Christmas was just a few weeks ago wasn't it.  Is it me or is time flying by?  Much of the time I think geez I retired just yesterday and then realized its been almost 7 years.  I didn't think I'd be a caretaker sitting here day after day but it's fate.  Although I did decided I need a break so I'm going to take Mom up to Missouri to see my brother for a week or two, he doesn't know it yet but then heck we've been waiting for 6 months for him to come visit.  Guess he'll be surprised to see me?
You all have a great night and I'll chatter again tomorrow.
Stampin Hugs,