Thursday, April 28, 2011

When good and bad mix!

No time to talk at Micky D's for coffee had to get away for a few.

This is my house and back yard the two houses across from me are gone. Its horrible looks like a war zone but my house wasn't hurt bad just the porch, windows and trees. No electricity, no phones my cell phone is dead. This last picture is of the store in front of me all gone.

6 tornado's
it only took one, I had 6 neighbors spend the night cause we couldn't leave we were trapped in with roads closed. Contact everyone later when I get a chance gotta get back home now. Bless all of you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soar like an Eagle

I love the eagles they are so magestic, so powerful and so breathtaking. I have always been in awe of them, I could sit for hours and watch them. When I saw this stamp set from 'Our Daily Bread' called 'On Eagles Wings' I knew I had to have it. It had two verses with it but it's great for masuline cards and or for encouragement. I used SU cardstock and cut out the Eagle then used pop dots to pop it up on the tulip framed embossing folder from SU. I then used stars from Michael's generic gems. For some reason Blogger has become quiet unstable, I can type up a entry for the day and when I go to log out it says Blogger has closed the Internet and guess what my blog entry isn't there. I am getting quite upset with them.
Personal Journey: Ok this is the third time I have typed this and it keeps being deleted by the little ghost inside the Internet Blogger. I will try one more time. I am taking a day to myself today sitting here in my robe at 12:05 haven't done this in years. I have been going strong for the past 7 days and I just need a day all alone for me! Yesterday I was at the hospital at 9AM because Mom was going to be moved to a nursing home rehab center. After several phone calls to file a grievance with the insurance carrier they approved Mom's stay because of the bed sore wound. Then the hospital played around doing nothing for Mom except when I requested it and they said she wouldn't be transferred until 3 PM. I had to go to the assisted living place she had been at, pack all her clothes and file papers to her leaving. Then I had to go to Athens, TN about 40 miles away and fill out papers for admission into the Life Care Center there. Then I sat there and waited for Mom to come by ambulance finally at 6 PM I was told she hadn't left the hospital yet. I was furious with Sky Ridge and immediately left for the hospital 30 miles away. When I got there I was told she left at 3:15 now where the hell is she? I found out that she actually left the hospital about 6:15 and I probably passed them on the freeway. Long story short, she's there at Life Care and its a 70 mile drive each day so I took the day off. Today they are doing tests on her all day for therapy, wound care, social services and I'm taking a break. Thanks for all the prayers I love that someone is listening to me. It's now 1230 and I started at 1040 ya all think something is wrong that it took so long to post? Stampin hugs, Jeanine

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

Hi everyone, this is the first chance I've had the computer with me so I'm here to say hope all of you had a good Easter and that you celebrated. This card is one I had made up and in my stash for days like today when I have a minute but not enough to make a card. I used SU cardstock, K & Co. DSP, Fred She Said pre colored image and of coarse my Spellbinder dies. I stamped the HappyEaster from my mini greetings stamp set from Stampendous.
Just a quick note: Mom is still in the hospital awaiting insurance approval to go to a nursing home with rehab facilities to care for her body sores and the staph infections. She's very tired, very sore and she's ready to go, she said she's had a good life but she's tired. Please keep her in your prayers, she's 92 and had a good life.
Thank you, Jeanine

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I actually made this card a few weeks ago and put it in my stash file that way when I'm crunched for time I can grab and card and still have a post. This card is made with SU cardstock and the new tulip frame folder from SU. While I was cleaning up my Studio I grabbed a bunch of 3-D embellishment that I bought many years ago and saved for a raining day. The embellishments are from 3 Star and I actually bought them when QVC use to have Craft day. My 'Thinking of You' is also from SU but I made it embossed it and put it in my salutation jar for a quick grab. Hey this old brain might be slow but its still workin!
Personal Journey: I spent the day at the hospital with Mom. She looks so small and fragile in that huge hospital bed, actually they upgraded her bed to a special air bed. Don't tell anybody but she hates it, says it's uncomfortable but hey after laying in a bed or sitting in a recliner for the past 8 weeks you'd be hating beds also. She's suppose to go to a full nursing home for wound care but being Easter weekend the insurance company didn't respond so they told me she would be in there until at least Monday. I had her taken off Morphine and put on Loratab and she is so much more aware and talk-a-tive. We had a good day from 9 till 5:30 we talked, I read to her and her grand daughter Vicki and son in law Allen came to visit. Vicki got her to eat a full cup of ice cream and almost a full bottle of Ensure, thats more than she's eaten in several days. Mom adores Vicki so if anyone can get her to do something its Vicki. When I got ready to leave I kissed her and told her I loved her and she said 'Jean, I'm tired real tired.' Then as I was walking out the door she said 'remember I love you.' That was really unusual but I think she's made piece with all and she's ready to go, I can't imagine her pain it has to be great but I know she loves the Lord so she'll be fine. Have a blessed Easter and I'll touch base on Monday evening. Jeanine

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jelly Bean Prayer

Don't have alot of time to chat today, I made this card last night when I couldn't sleep. I've been up since Tuesday morning when I got a call from the nurse at Home Health Care. She said she was worried about Mom because she was running a high fever, high blood pressure and an irratic heartbeat. I had them call an ambulance to take Mom to the ER and I met them there. Last Tuesday I had to take Mom to her regular physician because the little sore that the nurse didn't know how to take care needed to be seen by her regular doctor. He prescribed antiboitics and creams, I didn't see the sore because I was holding her up so they could remove her diaper to look at the wound. Well when she got to the ER they were extremely concerned about that wound. When they showed it to us (my daughter was there) we couldn't believe it, its not a sore its a huge wound. She's been admitted to the hospital and will have wound care for 3-5 days then she will go to a fully staffed nursing home for wound care. At first I felt bad and cried my eyes out thinking it was all my fault but I trusted a doctor and 3 nurses with my mothers life. She's in pain and being well taken care of now but I'm still waiting for the doctor to come in for her assessment and its 1005AM. His assistant just came in and informed me they will be in this afternoon so I'm going to curl up and take a nap if the noise doesn't keep me up. I went home last night about midnight to sleep but it wouldn't come so I made a couple of cards and came back to the hospital about 05:30 but I had to let my dog out and change clothes.
Before I forget the image is from Deedee's digi's called 'Jelly Bean Prayer' its adorable and such a wonderful prayer for Easter Sunday.
Take care, say a prayer for Mom please and forgive my spelling.

Monday, April 18, 2011

More Butterfly Fun

Wow I was on a roll today, I made 20 cards with images I had laying around card the ideas just kept rolling in. This first card I saw on SCS and it was designed by Shanna Fudge. I loved the idea and so I made 4 of these some all red some green and blue everything is SU except the butterfly punches which are Martha Stewart.

Have you ever done this? Put the paper in the folder backwards! I love this FSS Angel and its easy to create a quick card, I have 25 cards left to make before I get my 100 for OWH so needless to say I'm making some quickie cards this month and this is one of them.

Never throw those scraps away, I had this SU DSP, an inchie all by itself and the new SU tulip embossing folder waa laa another simple card.

I got busy with the Big Shot today and my two new embossing folders tons of SU cardstock and yes a big of images. I swear this Spread your wings green matches the cardstock, after taking 5 pictures I finally gave up I don't know why it looks so light compared to the image.
Yep, I must have 100 butterfly stamps and verses all of which I'm in love with and any chance I can stamp butterflies I'm all over it. A few weeks ago I played with a brayer and the rainbow stamp pads I sure had fun and today I found a way to use them all up. Well thats it for today I'll be back tomorrow night for sure but I need to take Mom to the orthopedic doctor tomorrow for her 8 week check-up has it been that long since she broke her hip? Have a great night what's left of it and remember to 'Pay it Forward'. Stampin Hugs, Jeanine

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Butterfly Heaven

I love butterflies I think I may have told you that about a thousand times but I just had to share this card with you because of the Martha Stewart Butterfly border punch. It's so pretty and delicate and when I placed my image on this Anna Griffin paper I fell in love again. Of course I colored the butterfly with Copic's then stained or antiqued the white cardstock with distress ink added some SU cording and I was finished. So what do you think? I still haven't heard from CJ, left her a comment on her blog so hopefully she will contact me in the next day or two.
Personnal Journey: It's Saturday and I'm just sitting around doing squat (and I don't mean exercising)! I have had two days to jump into my Studio and play and believe this or not I have no desire. I even got new stamps from Ellen Hutson and just don't care to go downstairs. It's been such horrible weather here, dark and gloomy and last night I thought my house was going to blow over. We had winds as high as 80 miles an hour my new windows were whining and this morning I spent cleaning up branches that had toppiled (thank God it was just branches and not trees). I just am tired of all the rain and storms lately and its depressing me because I have no desire to create. I know
I should be counting my blessings instead of complaining but that almighty BUT always creeps in there. I'm running out of cards in my stash to post and I really need a re-charging I need to find someone around here who wants to clean my clock when it comes to stamping. We use to have DRI's when I first moved here (DRI stands for Dive Right In) and it was a day event where all the stampers came together to play, learn and enjoy each others company. We haven't had one of those in years...........I need one! I guess I have to look to organize one but I have to find a place to hold it Hello Knoxville I'll help put it together!!!! OK I need to get my big butt up and move it instead of starring at this screen accomplishing nothing. I hope you all have a great weekend and the weather is perfect. Remember 'Pay it Foward'.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the winner is.........................

Is this not a darling card? This card is a digital image from 'Cheryl' and I colored her with Copic's and Spica SU DSP with mulberry paper behind the image. SU silver cord and clear gems. OK without any further ado I had 34 comments thank you to everyone that took the time to comment, I still can't believe that is all that entered but hey better for all of you. Today I spent the afternoon and part of the evening making cards it was my birthday so I could do anything I wanted to! I'm behind in making my OWH cards so I figured if I cleaned my workspace I would find plenty of finished images that I could make my cards geez I started playing and the next thing I knew it was 7 PM worked right through my lunch and dinner but I made 20 cards and I didn't stamp hardly anything. I was digging for something and I found all these pop up images so I pulled papers and had a blast.
Oh yea I said I was going to draw for the winner of my Blog Candy, I had 34 comments and want to thank each and everyone of the girls. I've got plans to do some cool idea blogs with store finds making really cool cards for super cheap. You'd be surprised the stuff I find and I've taken pictures then I plan on making the cards and shocking all of you.
I've used things I've found in the Sunday paper for those of you that are on limited budgets. I love making cards like this.
Oh yea I was suppose to tell you the winner, well I had to write down each name some 2 or 3 times cut them up and draw a name from a bowl. My dog 'Moe' supervised the whole thing so I wouldn't cheat, isn't that sweet of him? He is actually Mom's dog but since she couldn't take him to the nursing home he had to stay with me, he's OK but not my choice of dogs.
Geez I did it again I'm suppose to announce the winner so without further funnin around I guess I'll tell you that the winner is:

yep CJ is the winner and if she will contact me at I will get your Blog Candy in the mail right away since its already packaged up I just need an address to mail it out. Once more thank you everyone for entering and always remember to
'Pay it Forward'
Stampin Hugs,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OneDay left - Sign up BLOG CANDY

I love inchie cards these are so cute and they come from Fred She Said pre-colored digital images and you can make a card so fast. This cardstock is SU Chocolate Chip and Certainly Celery with the border punch. The designer paper is SU and the ribbon is cheapy Michaels dollar ribbon. I used my computer to type the verse and cut it out with the SU slit punch. Don't forget to sign up for the blog candy I'll be drawing the winner as soon as I get home tomorrow night after 8 PM.
Personal Journal: Today I received my shutters and they were installed by 11 AM. Then I waited for 'Rooms to Go' to finally deliver the love seat that should of been delivered back in February when I received the Couch but no I have no good words to say about 'Rooms to Go'. The furniture is huge .and when I realized it I tried to cancel the love seat and get a chair instead but they wouldn't budge and change the order said I made the purchase and I was stuck with it. I had to put the coffee table in the corner because there wasn't enough room to put it between the couch and love seat. OH well enough about the living room, going to my daughter Vicki's for dinner tonight haven't seen her in about a month although we live less than 5 miles apart. She has her own life and I've learned that she doesn't need me anymore so I need to move on, realizing I'm not needed or wanted anymore.
I'm learning slowly but surely, now go 'Pay it Forward'.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amigo, sign up for Blog Candy

Is this image not adorable the salutations means Happy Birthday and the image is from Just Ink Lined it was a freebie last week. I am horrible about smartalic salutations on cards unless I see something cute I can never think of a cute verse. But I had this hispanic paper for ever and could not find anyone to give credit to. I wish people would save their images with their names or initials then the image name thats how I save them in my computer. Anyway I colored Amigo with Copics and Spica pens put some texture on the horse and added some Michaels dollar ric rak ribbon. He looks so cute I cut him out with Spellbinder rectangles then sponged the image before removing the die. I love doing that that since I'm bad about backgrounds.
Now don't forget to tell your friends about the blog candy I'll be drawing on Thursday night so you don't have long to leave a comment and enter the drawing. I think the blog candy is worth at least $50. always remember to 'Pay it Forward' gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Times getting short--------BLOG CANDY

I'm sorry I have been busy with yard work and Mom business so I haven't done alot of card making this past week. And the blogger isn't working again today, I've tried several times to upload a photo but it won't let me so just remember to sign up for the Blog Candy and I'll be back tomorrow night to try again.
Big Hugs,

Friday, April 8, 2011

BLOG CANDY for10,000 hits

Well I have to start out my post with a new stamp set called Text Chat by Stampedous. My paper is computer generated and I used my bow maker to make my 4 loop bow. Cute quick and fun to make for OWH.
Now onto my Blog Candy for the 10,000 hits and 81 followers may one of you win. All you have to do is leave a comment and if you want you can become a follower but its not necessary. On April 14th after 8PM
I will put all the names in a hat and draw one out.
The Blog Candy contains
: SU Hobby Blade & Refill, SU Metal Edge Tags, 3 UHU Sticks, Flora Doodles, Leather Flowers, Creative Tags from Paper Reflections, Karen Foster Love to Cook Stickers, Karen Foster Baking Mini Charms, Rebecca Sowers, Nostalgiques, The Attic Collection-including 10 Paper Clips Embellishments and 4 Sticker Packs. Remember all you have to do win is leave a comment and on April 14th after 8PM I'll draw the winner.
Every have a fabulous weekend and remember to 'Pay it Forward'.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is another wonderful digital image from Fred She Said and I know it would be a great card for a dad or Mom in Afganistan to send home to their daughter. I used SU cardstock and DSP from the Book of Colors 6 X 6. I used Spellbinders oval dies and the new banner dies. Oh the embossing folder is from SU and I used the pearls that come in the SU packs it really makes the card elegant, don't you think? I can't thank Fred She Said enough for the wonderful digi's I won. Check their store at:
I reached over 10,000 blog hits but I didn't get a chance to post anything so tomorrow I will get a picture up of the blog candy I'm giving away and on my birthday (April 14th) I will draw from a hat the lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment between now and then I'll check daily keeping tabs then late in the evening on the 14th I'll draw the lucky winner.
Personal Journey: I can't believe its Thursday night and within 48 hours my grand daughter will be going to Prom. It's been a busy week but a productive week. I had my windows installed, the new shudders on the house, spoke my piece at Rooms to Go and told them I would never refer anyone to their company. I spent today with my friend True, we celebrated our birthday's having lunch then went back to her place to catch up on chatter. I also stopped and visited with Mom, she didn't look good today she was real blotchy on her face and her legs looked horrible. I was shocked to see the shape her legs were in, since the surgery she has really changed in her personality. She's agitated all the time, she cusses, she is always picking or scratching and she loves to take all her clothes off! Yep you heard me all her clothes, Abby the nurse said "I left to use the restroom I wasn't gone 3 minutes and there she was stripped naked with all her clothes thrown on the floor." At night Mom picks at her legs pulling the skin off and causing bleeding everywhere. I'm going to get something to calm her down, she wasn't like this before her hip surgery, now she's constantly figitting and like I said she acts spaced out and doesn't talk like she use to. We have a doctors appointment on Tuesday with the surgeon and then I'm going to take her to our regular doctor, I'm worried about her but she doesn't even know who I am.
Everyone have a great Friday I'll post as soon as I can with the blog candy, tell everyone the more the merry to enter.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Won I Won I Won! Fred She Said's Blog Hop

I just finished this card it's part of my prize from Fred She Said. I WON! I got notified yesterday that I won the Grand prize on the Fred She Said Blog Hop!!! Woo Hoo I'm so happy I can hardly stand it. I got a $25 gift certificate from Fred She Said (and their having a sale now so I'll get more) a $25 certificate from Crop Stop and 2 free digi sets of paper from Bearly Mine Designs. Wow oh Wow I was shopping till late last night I was so excited!
Then I had to download all the items and that took a while this afternoon. Then I had to choose which ones I wanted to print and work with. Isn't this adorable this darling chick is pre-colored so that made making the card alot easier. I'll have more tomorrow after I finish with the yard work.

My second card is for the OWH challenge this week and I was asked to join the challenge from a dog. Yep I got a email from Ciara at OWH who had a digi made of her. I laughed till I cried when I read the whole post, then knew I had to compete in this challenge. The card DSP is unknown I've had it for years, its 6 X 6 papers with no markings. The embellishments are tied on with twine and I colored Ciara with Copics.
I'll be back so watch out.......I might surprise ya with something!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Saturday & Tilda is lookin good!

Wow this week has gone fast and I got only two cards made all week.
this one is a Magnolia that I colored with Copic's then cut out to mount on dimensionals. The background paper is a kleenex box and I love the print on it. All the other cardstock is SU with a small piece I ran through the Big Shot. My ribbon is from Michael's dollar bin and the brad is one of the new SU fabric colored brads (they are so pretty I just might have to break down and buy them). I usually do the DSP, button and ribbon sample packs that way I get to see everything new close up.
So I sure hope I get craftin time this weekend! You all have a great weekend and get crafting!
Personal Journey: This week has flown by! The windows were totally finished Monday I made a coursage & boutonniere , Tuesday I met Joanne, Wednesday I visited Mom, ran errands and helped Miss Lindsey design her own coursage & boutonniere in the evening. Thursday I didn't do much but laundry, cleaning and putting up some of the blinds that the guys took down while installing windows. They broke one set and the two in the kitchen I think have been there since inception, so I'm going to have to get some new ones this weekend and figure out how to put them up. Oh and I did my taxes finally! I owe for Federal and although I don't live in Arizona I still have to donate my money to them and file for it the following year. So I'll come out even with the board this year, although I don't understand why the little guys have to pay when all their lives they played by the rules and paid taxes and Mr. Corporation gets all the tax breaks. Hum something to ponder this weekend. Enjoy yourselves. Jeanine