Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I actually made this card a few weeks ago and put it in my stash file that way when I'm crunched for time I can grab and card and still have a post. This card is made with SU cardstock and the new tulip frame folder from SU. While I was cleaning up my Studio I grabbed a bunch of 3-D embellishment that I bought many years ago and saved for a raining day. The embellishments are from 3 Star and I actually bought them when QVC use to have Craft day. My 'Thinking of You' is also from SU but I made it embossed it and put it in my salutation jar for a quick grab. Hey this old brain might be slow but its still workin!
Personal Journey: I spent the day at the hospital with Mom. She looks so small and fragile in that huge hospital bed, actually they upgraded her bed to a special air bed. Don't tell anybody but she hates it, says it's uncomfortable but hey after laying in a bed or sitting in a recliner for the past 8 weeks you'd be hating beds also. She's suppose to go to a full nursing home for wound care but being Easter weekend the insurance company didn't respond so they told me she would be in there until at least Monday. I had her taken off Morphine and put on Loratab and she is so much more aware and talk-a-tive. We had a good day from 9 till 5:30 we talked, I read to her and her grand daughter Vicki and son in law Allen came to visit. Vicki got her to eat a full cup of ice cream and almost a full bottle of Ensure, thats more than she's eaten in several days. Mom adores Vicki so if anyone can get her to do something its Vicki. When I got ready to leave I kissed her and told her I loved her and she said 'Jean, I'm tired real tired.' Then as I was walking out the door she said 'remember I love you.' That was really unusual but I think she's made piece with all and she's ready to go, I can't imagine her pain it has to be great but I know she loves the Lord so she'll be fine. Have a blessed Easter and I'll touch base on Monday evening. Jeanine


Elizabeth said...

Hi Jeanine,
Just wanted to let you know your mom and you are both in my prayers. Hang in there:)

sas44 said...

Jeanine, Good to hear your Mom is taking nourishment. I'm sure the comments your Mom made are bittersweet. Knowing that she loves and she's tired. I try to keep my Mom optimistic and tell her she's going to live to 100 because the Lord still has work for her to do. She takes comfort in that. I like the color combo of this card. It's great when one can pull a card from a stash to meet a need. Yesterday I embossed 4 designs in 5 different colors so they'll be ready to put a quick card together. Take care and Happy Easter.