Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Back and draggin!

Hello all, I'm back home as of yesterday at 4:45 PM. Didn't do much because just walking up those 15 steps tired me out. I am happy to say I am walking with a cane and learning all kinds of tricks to carry stuff, reach down to the floor and realizing how many times we really bend each day. I was givin 3 rules upon coming home and they are: 1.) don't bend more than 90%, 2.) No crossing legs, 3.) no turning of feet in or out. Course then there is the sitting in a chair, getting out of a low chair, reaching for stuff in my freezer which is on the bottom of my fridge. Getting dog & cat food out from under the sink, oh this is the best Light bulb goes off (Gotta Pee) hurry to the steps go up six steps and then hussle into the back bathroom where special potty is! Is that to much information well someone needs to know! And if you try to call me know that my pockets are full so it may take 12 rings or more to get there course at ring 8 the machine picks up.
Last night I just walked around the house and wondered how I will do this with no bending, jeez I have laundry to do, food to make, errands to run like to the Walgreens for prescriptions and 616 emails to answer. The first thing I did today was open my Internet and see the emails, The Lord will be with me and he will help me with all this and more. If this tells you anything about me getting stuff done I went to bed at 9:30 last night couldn't even stay awake to watch Dancing with the stars, I got up at 1:30 this afternoon and showered only to be spaced out and wondering how I would stay awake for a while.
Rainy, my cat was delighted to see me and hasn't left my side until this afternoon when I opened the screened in porch door for him. I'm sorry if I don't get to email you for a while but I'm working hard at catching up with everyone and doing my daily Physical Therapy. Mom is still with my brother but he's bringing her back this weekend as he says he's going berserk! Awe just breaks my heart my BP has been 130/62 for over 3 weeks but I know it'll be 170/94 as soon as she makes it back. Oh well God has a purpose for all of us so I'll just live each day and be thankful for that. God has blessed me with so much that I try hard not to complain. Well I have about 3 stacks of US Postal mail to get to and bills to pay for the end of the month, know that I love you all and thank you for all the prayers. I'm doing fine and really very little pain now but learning how to walk with a cane sure wakes up those nasty little nerve endings that screek "oh help this idiot is trying again to walk pains coming if she messes up!"
To all of you thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers and hopefully I'll wander downstairs and work on some cards real soon.
God Bless

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thinking of you

I will be thinking of you and all the joy my friends have brought to me. This will be my last post for some time, I'm having surgery tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. Times sure have changed haven't they, you use to have to be in the hospital the night before the surgery, then it was early in the morning now its an hour and a half before the surgery. I can't have anything to eat or drink after 1AM tonight that's not going to be a pretty sight me dying to drink a diet cherry coke decaf, starving myself not fair especially since I can't drive for at least 2 months when will I get my Pepperoni calzone or my Zaxby's chicken or my Mexican dinners. Oh heaven help me I'll starve and then maybe I'll lose some more weight.
Enough said about the surgery, everyone is asking if there's anything they can do just let me know so here it is. I want 25 followers and some comments on my blog, how does a person get noticed? Everyone says my cards are darling but no one is checking them out of even commenting but I know that that's what will make me happy.
I really need to go to sleep now actually I need a shower with that special soap from the hospital and I know thats more information than you need but I'm tired and thought I would share a little.
Take care and know I'm thinking of you.
God Bless

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blessed Be the Lord!

This is a really quick card but yet so simple. I used the SU Saviour Set out of the Mini catalog. The card was easy peasy to make because I simply stamped the image in versamark then used Copper embossing powder and its done. Simple and elegant.

Today was a busy day, I had all my papers updated and had to get all of them notarized at the bank. This surgery Friday is un-nerving me because I don't want to stress Vicki out any so I'm having my brother take me into the hospital and dropping me off. I'll walk to the Surgical wing and undergo surgery, then when I'm ready to come home I'll call my brother to come pick me up unless the Doctor determines that I should go to rehab for a few days. I'm the kinda girl that doesn't like any fuss. I know I'll be in pain, wanna sleep, look horrible and need to walk so I don't mind no visitors. The hospital thinks its horrible that I won't have any family there during the surgery but hey I' m a simple person and I won't know who's there anyway. I know God will be there with me and Dr. Ballard is a Christian doctor who prays with you before the surgery (why is that? I've heard he's one of the best hip doctors in Tennessee guess he thinks he needs all the help he can get). Anyway the surgery is only 1 1/2 hours long and I'll be out of it until the next morning so why have someone sit in those uncomfortable chairs waiting to hear 'it all went well'? I don't want to stress my precious daughter Vicki out, she's had her plate full since her Stroke Sept. 3rd. Oh I have to tell you, my oldest Grandson brought home his Dad a huge bag of candy yesterday. When his dad asked him what it was for he said 'well you didn't get anything for your birthday so I brought you this.' Justin is such a fine young man and Vicki and Allen couldn't have done a better job raising him. OK once again I'm rambling on but I'm trying so hard to keep my mind occupied and praying my brother shows up on time and keeps Mom for the couple of weeks he said he would.
Its late and I need to get some beauty sleep yep I said it I need all the beauty sleep and help I can get. Thanks for listening if you've read this far, love you all.
God Bless

Monday, October 5, 2009

Quilts and Quilts

Yep I got busy with my Top Note Die again today and made some cards for 'Operation Write Home' soldiers. I used SU Real Red, White (Cuddlebug Snowflakes, and DSP to put the card together. Then I punched out some snow flakes, and stamped the verse from Papertrey Ink for the Quilters Sampler on vellum so as to not deter from the quilt pattern. I punched a little hole in the vellum and used silver cord to hold the salutation up.
Once I find a cute pattern I stay with it since I have to make 100 Christmas cards for "Operation Write Home". I used SU Vanilla cs as my base, Old Olive with Cuddlebug Snowflake and all the rest is the same.
This one is SU Chocolate Chip, SU Old Olive, White (Cuddlebug Dots), and the SU felt flowers. Once again SU Vanilla cs, Old Olive (Cuddlebug Snowflake), SU DSP, vellum and SU felt flower with clear dew drop.Surprised ya didn't I ? This was a fun project I did a few days ago but I never finished it so I did today. I'm still unsure if I like it but I used SU Going Gray cs, silver and then punched out little leaves used my white pen to draw stitches on and lastly I used Really Rust cardstock for my salutation punched two holes on each end then threaded copper cord through it and anchored in the back.
Yep, I'm trying to stay busy waiting for the contractors to finish my basement. It sure doesn't look like it will be done before I leave which will be one more thing for my brother to do. I have all my cooking, shopping, groceries and errands done so now I'll play for a few day.
I have a challenge to post for all of you on the last day before I take my leave of absence for a few weeks while my hip heals. Until then know I'm thinking of how to entertain you next.
God Bless

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Play day Cards

Well I went to Brenda's SU playday yesterday and I mean to tell you Brenda outdid herself. She is such a funny lady she cracks herself up all the time. Anyway she's wonderful and these are the some of the best projects she's done.........NOT...every month she amazes all of us. The first project was the so simple the Halloween treats. We used SU Orange, black and white cs, first we punched one scalloped orange circle, then a smaller circle in black and lastly we stamped our image (SU Batty for you) then punched out the white circle. We glued all together and then glued the finished project on a York peppermint patty, love the bug eyes.
Our second project is beautiful I apologize for the blurry picture. We used the new in color paper Razzleberry then we took the DSP Bride paper and brayered on Razzleberry ink because of the raised embossed paper the brayer gets the background and wow its beautiful. Then we took a small piece of white cs and stamped using the 'Friends 24-7' medallion. Just imagine the possibilities of this using the white Bride's paper and any color ink. It's so beautiful I love it.
Our third project was quick and I finally after 3 years learned how to use my 'Thing a ma jig', think I'll stick to my fine eye skills. Anyway we used SU real red cs and the Christmas DSP then we stamped the strings of the ornaments on white card stock with SU' Tree Trimmings'. The third ornament was stamped on a small piece of paper and hand cut out then we used pop dots to raise the ornament. Then we used the SU set 'Four the Holidays' greeting. Quick and really easy.
The last card is something I have always wanted to know how to do and never took the time to learn but Brenda showed all of us this beautiful card. This is a great man's card and you could use it for anything. Thinking of you, Just for you, With Sympathy, Birthday or Get Well. Oh I suppose you want me to tell you how to do this huh? We used SU Really Rust CS, Chocolate Chip and White Glossy CS. With the Glossy paper you punch out a 1 1/2" circle and using temporary tape put it down on the cs where you want your moon. Then brayer (I forgot the color ink) on the card, after you have it looking like you want, stamp the the willows and the pheasant in SU Chocolate Chip. Then you sponge on the SU Really rust to your liking add a salutation and your done. I look forward to Brenda's play days unfortunately in the 18 months I've been going I've made it to her house maybe 6 times. Brenda is multi talented and such a crazy lady. As little as I know about her she is a wonderful Christian lady who has a wonderful family and loves her life. If anyone needs Stampin UP! products in the Chattanooga area contact Brenda Holder you won't be disappointed.

God Bless.

Fall is Beautiful

What's New? Fall is here and I'm so happy. I love fall and all the rich earth tones. My very favorite time of the year. I was at a friends house the other day and stamped this image. I used Copic's and Spica's to color these things...are they flowers, they remind me of dandelions that I used to blow on and they disappeared in the air! The card stock is SU and the DSP is also SU with gold string wrapped around the card. It was a quick easy card and I loved making it.
I love Saturdays but today was great I went to SU Play day at Brenda's and she did a great job with cards today. I had so much fun making cards and being with ladies that love making cards with me. I'll take photo's and post on the cards tomorrow or today since it's way past my bedtime 12:27, I'm off to bed ladies.
God Bless and don't forget to sign the comment section.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ho Ho Ho - Its on it's way

This is just to cute sometimes I even amaze myself. I was trying to play around with Christmas ideas but I absolutely love the quilting and have to use all my precious scraps so I made this one. I used SU scalloped edger (don't look close) put the quilt on SU old olive then on SU DSP and the real red cs. I used SU real red grosgrain 1/4 ribbon, the label punch & slot punch then hand wrote on the white paper 'It's on it's way!' Which it is less than 3 months ladies better get going with those Christmas cards. Geez, I need to put my money where my mouth is I have to make over 100 cards for 'Operation Write Home ' aka Cards for Heroes.
I didn't get a chance to play today but yesterday I took my anger with the contractors (about my basement) out on my studio and I made 5 cards but I put them in my stash since I won't be able to create for a couple weeks. Although I plan to pack some Copic's, some images and an Acrylic block in case I go to a rehabilitation center for a few weeks. Don't forget I've been through this before and although the day I went in the hospital January 20, 2009 I expected to be home within a week or ten days it turned into 24 days. So I'm preparing better this time and this time its my hip not my back we'll just see but again I believe in the power of positive thinking so I'll be fine and up walking within 24 hours.
I won't bore you with all the details but the contractors showed up today. Lots of phone calls offering apology for someone dropping the ball, then a guy came out and put a 55 gallon humidifier in the basement along with 4 big fans. Its loud in here and I hope I can sleep but the humidity in my basement was 49 and it should be 25-29 so they said they would be on for 2-3 days then they will finish the job and promise me it will be done by next Wednesday. I sure hope so I have so much to do before next Thursday; meals to prepare, people to line up for caring for my animals and most important my 92 (yes its her 92nd birthday Oct. 8th.) Mother. Today she got a permanent and we tried to get her a flu shot but make sure you call ahead because CVS only does it on one day of the month although they state come and get one now. Also Walgreens also has the same claim but only the pharmacist can do it and if he's not there your out of luck. Well I've rambled on quite a bit today so I'll go and hit the sack but know that you opinion is important to me. If you leave a comment I know someone is reading this journal awe blog.
God bless you for reading this far down the page, just kidding your in my thoughts and prayers.