Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blessed Be the Lord!

This is a really quick card but yet so simple. I used the SU Saviour Set out of the Mini catalog. The card was easy peasy to make because I simply stamped the image in versamark then used Copper embossing powder and its done. Simple and elegant.

Today was a busy day, I had all my papers updated and had to get all of them notarized at the bank. This surgery Friday is un-nerving me because I don't want to stress Vicki out any so I'm having my brother take me into the hospital and dropping me off. I'll walk to the Surgical wing and undergo surgery, then when I'm ready to come home I'll call my brother to come pick me up unless the Doctor determines that I should go to rehab for a few days. I'm the kinda girl that doesn't like any fuss. I know I'll be in pain, wanna sleep, look horrible and need to walk so I don't mind no visitors. The hospital thinks its horrible that I won't have any family there during the surgery but hey I' m a simple person and I won't know who's there anyway. I know God will be there with me and Dr. Ballard is a Christian doctor who prays with you before the surgery (why is that? I've heard he's one of the best hip doctors in Tennessee guess he thinks he needs all the help he can get). Anyway the surgery is only 1 1/2 hours long and I'll be out of it until the next morning so why have someone sit in those uncomfortable chairs waiting to hear 'it all went well'? I don't want to stress my precious daughter Vicki out, she's had her plate full since her Stroke Sept. 3rd. Oh I have to tell you, my oldest Grandson brought home his Dad a huge bag of candy yesterday. When his dad asked him what it was for he said 'well you didn't get anything for your birthday so I brought you this.' Justin is such a fine young man and Vicki and Allen couldn't have done a better job raising him. OK once again I'm rambling on but I'm trying so hard to keep my mind occupied and praying my brother shows up on time and keeps Mom for the couple of weeks he said he would.
Its late and I need to get some beauty sleep yep I said it I need all the beauty sleep and help I can get. Thanks for listening if you've read this far, love you all.
God Bless


Micki said...

Hey Granny, I just love love love those quilt cards!!!! Know that you will be in my thoughts (you always are) and in my prayers. I know the surgery will go well and you'll be doing the Cha-Cha in no time!!!!
I think that Allen is a little selfish and since I don't know him or any history, I don't want to say too much. I know Vicki should not be under any extra stress, BUT I'm not quite sure what he is doing is any better. Argh, it's not sounding right.... you know what I mean right?
Ok, like you said... God will be there with you..... and my favorite quote is: Let go and let God. Argh, I'm not making much sense..... I think I need to go to bed, lol. OOhhh I love your peppermint patty ....that is tooo cute.
Take your copics and some images to color. You might not want to, but you never know.... big hugs & lots of love

Sandy said...

You take care sweet Granny! You are right, the Lord is with you and you can only do what you can do. So don't run yourself ragged getting too much done beforehand. I'm glad your brother can be with your mom while you're in surgery. I'm praying hard that you're in and out quickly with no problems and no rehab.

Hugs & Prayers!!!

Marjori said...

You may be alone physically, but in spirit, you'll have A LOT of us with you! We love you and wish the best for you, and your family! Please just try to have faith that all will be fine while you take care of yourself. You don't need any extra stress either! :o) xoxoxoxoxoxox

suzystampr said...

i love what you did with the top note die & scraps...gosh, i wish i had time to create some art. will be praying for you as you undergo this surgery.hugs to you!

Michelle said...

I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers as you undergo your surgery. Those of us who follow your blog will be anxiously awaiting your return :)

Karen said...

gorgeous card jeanine!! you've definitely been on my mind with your surgery and all that you've been through lately.