Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ho Ho Ho - Its on it's way

This is just to cute sometimes I even amaze myself. I was trying to play around with Christmas ideas but I absolutely love the quilting and have to use all my precious scraps so I made this one. I used SU scalloped edger (don't look close) put the quilt on SU old olive then on SU DSP and the real red cs. I used SU real red grosgrain 1/4 ribbon, the label punch & slot punch then hand wrote on the white paper 'It's on it's way!' Which it is less than 3 months ladies better get going with those Christmas cards. Geez, I need to put my money where my mouth is I have to make over 100 cards for 'Operation Write Home ' aka Cards for Heroes.
I didn't get a chance to play today but yesterday I took my anger with the contractors (about my basement) out on my studio and I made 5 cards but I put them in my stash since I won't be able to create for a couple weeks. Although I plan to pack some Copic's, some images and an Acrylic block in case I go to a rehabilitation center for a few weeks. Don't forget I've been through this before and although the day I went in the hospital January 20, 2009 I expected to be home within a week or ten days it turned into 24 days. So I'm preparing better this time and this time its my hip not my back we'll just see but again I believe in the power of positive thinking so I'll be fine and up walking within 24 hours.
I won't bore you with all the details but the contractors showed up today. Lots of phone calls offering apology for someone dropping the ball, then a guy came out and put a 55 gallon humidifier in the basement along with 4 big fans. Its loud in here and I hope I can sleep but the humidity in my basement was 49 and it should be 25-29 so they said they would be on for 2-3 days then they will finish the job and promise me it will be done by next Wednesday. I sure hope so I have so much to do before next Thursday; meals to prepare, people to line up for caring for my animals and most important my 92 (yes its her 92nd birthday Oct. 8th.) Mother. Today she got a permanent and we tried to get her a flu shot but make sure you call ahead because CVS only does it on one day of the month although they state come and get one now. Also Walgreens also has the same claim but only the pharmacist can do it and if he's not there your out of luck. Well I've rambled on quite a bit today so I'll go and hit the sack but know that you opinion is important to me. If you leave a comment I know someone is reading this journal awe blog.
God bless you for reading this far down the page, just kidding your in my thoughts and prayers.


Kimmiek said...

I read it all. Today is my son's happy 19th birthday. Happy 92 to your Mom.. Why I recall when she was a just a young'un in her 80's still. ;]
Praying for a perfect & timely surgery & recovery of your hip granny (((huhs & jugs this month too!))
Contractors.. you just can't kill 'em!!

Micki said...

We had to get a dehumidifier for our basement too. That musty smell was just too bad even upstairs. It works but it does eat up the $$ on the electric bill. ours has to stay on 24/7 because it's been such a wet season. Once the furnace comes on it will go off. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! And know that I'll be thinking of you and pray that you'll have a quick recovery. Remember to take it easy aferwards. Maybe it's better that you've got so much to do before that way your too busy to think about the surgery and worry. KWIM?!

Big hugs

Sandy said...

Wow, you are on a roll with those cards! Flooding is such a nightmare! I'm sorry you've had such a run around with it. Wow, 92! Just think....those are your genes so maybe you'll make it to 100!!!

I'll be praying for your surgery to go well and definitely better than last time.


ChristineCreations said...

A fun quilted card. Blessing on you in your surgery!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

I loooove this card! And you KNOW I am a prayin fer ya! ((HUGS))

Crystal said...

A fun quilted card. Blessing on you in your surgery!