Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Back and draggin!

Hello all, I'm back home as of yesterday at 4:45 PM. Didn't do much because just walking up those 15 steps tired me out. I am happy to say I am walking with a cane and learning all kinds of tricks to carry stuff, reach down to the floor and realizing how many times we really bend each day. I was givin 3 rules upon coming home and they are: 1.) don't bend more than 90%, 2.) No crossing legs, 3.) no turning of feet in or out. Course then there is the sitting in a chair, getting out of a low chair, reaching for stuff in my freezer which is on the bottom of my fridge. Getting dog & cat food out from under the sink, oh this is the best Light bulb goes off (Gotta Pee) hurry to the steps go up six steps and then hussle into the back bathroom where special potty is! Is that to much information well someone needs to know! And if you try to call me know that my pockets are full so it may take 12 rings or more to get there course at ring 8 the machine picks up.
Last night I just walked around the house and wondered how I will do this with no bending, jeez I have laundry to do, food to make, errands to run like to the Walgreens for prescriptions and 616 emails to answer. The first thing I did today was open my Internet and see the emails, The Lord will be with me and he will help me with all this and more. If this tells you anything about me getting stuff done I went to bed at 9:30 last night couldn't even stay awake to watch Dancing with the stars, I got up at 1:30 this afternoon and showered only to be spaced out and wondering how I would stay awake for a while.
Rainy, my cat was delighted to see me and hasn't left my side until this afternoon when I opened the screened in porch door for him. I'm sorry if I don't get to email you for a while but I'm working hard at catching up with everyone and doing my daily Physical Therapy. Mom is still with my brother but he's bringing her back this weekend as he says he's going berserk! Awe just breaks my heart my BP has been 130/62 for over 3 weeks but I know it'll be 170/94 as soon as she makes it back. Oh well God has a purpose for all of us so I'll just live each day and be thankful for that. God has blessed me with so much that I try hard not to complain. Well I have about 3 stacks of US Postal mail to get to and bills to pay for the end of the month, know that I love you all and thank you for all the prayers. I'm doing fine and really very little pain now but learning how to walk with a cane sure wakes up those nasty little nerve endings that screek "oh help this idiot is trying again to walk pains coming if she messes up!"
To all of you thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers and hopefully I'll wander downstairs and work on some cards real soon.
God Bless


Deedee Anderson said...

Granny, I am SO glad that you are back and doing well -- praise God! I will be praying that you continue to rest and heal, and that having your mom home doesn't put you over the top. You are a wonderful daughter, and I appreciate that in you!

Sandy said...

Granny, I too am glad you are back to the comfort of your own hope and doing well. We will pray for a quick recovery so that you can get up and down the stairs and bend a little more.

I'm sorry your mom is coming home so quickly. You take care of yourself and don't over do it!

Hugs & Prayers,