Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Day

This is an image from Doodle Pantry call Noah's Ark geez would have guessed it. I think Doodle Pantry is my favorite place to look for digital images, their realiztic yet adorable. I'm trying to use up tons of my stuff so I can get rid of goodies and buy some new stamps, actually I'm thinking about going into Stampin UP again since I always liked the concept of having a full stamp set to work with. So if you want to go to Lista under Arts & Crafts I am putting up about 30 of my old retired SU set for points. If you want to set up and account I'll give you points to start bidding just ask me for an invite and I'll set you up.
Now I need to go and list some more auction closes Sunday night!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

No excuses!

I've been bad and I have no excuse. For a long time I was feeling pretty lost and Christmas usually does that to me, I know I should be happy but I just couldn't get there this year and therefore I shut down and now I'm trying to climb out. When I feel like I'm needed or even wanted I know I can go on I just feel so sad to think what is happening to Christmas and our relationship with God. I won't get on a bandwagon, I believe that you choose your own faith and believe to me Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran or Buddhism is believing in one God.
Wow that was prolific now just shut my mouth and go on I say.
I am slowing working my way down to the studio I'm just buried in there with papers and punches and everything else so I started getting rid of alot of stuff on Lista. I wanted to have a garage sale this past fall but due to construction and weather I never got around to it so instead of waiting I have been doing some cleaning up through Lista.com check it out and tell em I sent ya.
I've been working on scrapbooks since the middle of January and having fun but I really need to purge some stuff and donate it to the nursing home for craft projects. Well I'll be back with more cards and goodies and I promise to start working harder to be social.
Hugs, Jeanine