Sunday, June 27, 2010

Watermelon Time.....

Isn't she just the cutest little girl?  Sandy sent me this image and I really pressed my luck on the coloring of this.  I started out with my Copic's and colored her dress and ribbons in orange OK that's fine then I realized as I did the rind of the watermelon that I was putting red in with orange and that might not work.  Well oh well I think it worked just fine with the flowers and card stock.  This is a Whipper Snapper stamp and I used a mixture of flowers, SU card stock. 

My Sunday was really quiet since Mom has gotten her nights and days mixed up.  She went to bed last night at 8 PM as normal but she was up and sitting on the couch at 3:15 AM when I got up to let out the dogs.  I told her the time and walked her back to bed, after 2 more attempts to get up where I had to get her back to bed she slept in until noon.  I've noticed her sleeping with her bedroom light on lately and if I turn it off, she'll wait till I go back to bed and she'll turn in on.  Hello, my room is next to hers and the light shines in my room so I know but I just try to deal with it go on.  It seems like lately she goes in spurts where she sees people sitting at the dining room table and she telling me my company is waiting for me.  Alot of times there are kids playing on the back porch but when I look no one is there and I know if before I look but she gets mad if you don't go check like she asks.  Today she's pretty mellow but yesterday she didn't want to eat anything I made, she made a mess in the bathroom and she walked outside while I was downstairs so I think I'll have to put in the alarms now on the doors.  She hasn't ever gone outside without me or someone with her, she stays in the house while I run to the store if its for milk or something, and I did have my neighbor watching for her when I left.  She even told the caretaker Joyce that she was fired and that she could leave rign then and there one day while I was out for the afternoon running errands.  Mom was really belligerent with Joyce and so Joyce called me on my cell phone to tell me.  I came home and Mom said "No more I don't need a babysitter", well we had a talk but I really don't think she comprehended anything I said.  It's sad to see her look of surprise when you tell her something or listen while she tries to tell you something that she can't explain because she can't find the words.  Someday are good and Somedays are bad but I wouldn't wish this care taking job on anyone.  Now thank you for letting me vent you know what I miss the most....talking to an adult. 
Hope your weekend was good and that you count your blessings.
Stampin Hugs,


Leanne said...

Awww first of all let me tell you that I love your card! That image is so cute and you did do a wonderful job coloring. The red and orange look great together and you pulled it off wonderfully! Now on to your mom. I'm sooo sorry I can hear in your voice how stressed you must be! We are going thru the same thing with my daddy (he hasn't got near that bad yet but it's coming) I know my mom has day's you can really tell she's exhausted and frustrated and then there's day's where we just cry. It's so sad to watch your parents go thru this. It really breaks my heart. Hang in there and just know I'll be thinking and praying for you! Sorry this is so long! Hugs, Leanne

Deedee Anderson said...

Your red and orange together seemed to have worked just fine, Jeanine! This is such a wonderful summer card. And one of my all-time favorite images -- that little girl is just too cute! I am praying for a positive change SOON for both your mom and you, sweetie!!! Hugs, Deedee

GrannyCharlotte said...

Jeanine: Love the card. I think the colors work very well. Great job. Hope things get better with your Mom.