Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recycle Project

I have to come up with some unique as a Thank you card for all the volunteers that helped out with the Tornado victims. I went to pick up some mail at the Post Office and found this flier about recycling. And the light bulb went off. Yes the lights are still on............... sometimes !
So I picked up this brochere and got to work making sure that I show everyone how I recycle. This isn't the first time I've done a recycle project for the blog but this one is full of heart. I used SU Garden Green, Certainly Celery, an white cardstock then I punched out with my postage stamp punch from Marvy, after layering I arranged the smart recycle ideas on the paper then punched out the 'Thank you' from Martha Stewarts punch. I plan on delivering this card but it will probably be another month before they let us put in mailboxes for home delivery. I think the card turned out darling and I'm sure they will appreciate the concept. You don't have to have alot to make a card and when your limited on money you can think of many ways to recycle and use your creativity.
Personal Journey: Well we've survived 2 weeks and things are working out, I'm still going to McDonalds to get WiFii but free is better than no Internet. I miss making entries to my blog and I miss talking to all my wonderful Cyber friends. Yesterday the contractor came by and did an estimate on my home, I have to have a new roof, new turbans on the roof, new gutters, my new windows in the back have to be re-framed because Mr. Tornado pulled them out. I'll get all new railing on the redwood porch because the tree fell on it. My Jeep is almost a brand new car now, its blue book p
rice is $5000 and all the damage on it will cost $3315 but I love my Grand Cherokee and although its 2000 it only has 100,000 miles on it. The Kia rental is ok but I've never wacked my head so many times getting in and out of one car. Hopefully work will start in the next week on the house then I can get back to some normality. It will never be normal Mrs. Nix's will fix the house and sell it. Janice won't be back in her house for 6-9 months and the Leadfords found a small home very close to their daughter and want to buy it, then just sell their land. I look out and I see all the devastation and the nightmare comes back. I'll close out for now and hopefully by this weekend I will have the cable for Internet and phone. Untill then thank you for being patient with me and including Mom and I in your prayers. Jeanine


sas44 said...

What a clever idea for a card. It came out beautiful. I'm always looking for things like that I can use on my cards. When you keep an eye out you look at many things differently. Good to hear progress is being made on getting back to some semblence of normalcy. Sad to hear of your neighbors that are choosing to move away as I'm sure you'll miss them. I hope your Mom is improving, at least she wasn't there with you during the storm. I'm sure that would have been most upsetting for her. Take care and keep the faith.

Deedee Anderson said...

Such an incredible idea for a card, Granny, and you put it together beautifully!!! I'm sure the volunteers are going to appreciate your heartfelt thank you. I hate knowing how much you and your neighbors have suffered from the storms, but happy to hear that progress is being made towards getting you back to normal. You and your mom are always in my prayers, my friend! Hugs!