Sunday, May 29, 2011

Always Remember

This weekend is for remembering our military near & far, from all the wars, all the deployments men, women and our Veterans. To alot of people Memorial weekend is a 3 day weekend, picnic, family gathering but its actually a time for all of us to take a few moments to thank a soldier, a veteran and let them know how much we appreciate them. When I first saw this stamp set from Stampin Up I knew I had to buy it for my Hero Cards for OWH. Now this past month I haven't made any cards because of the tornado damage and losing my mother but those soldiers didn't stop fighting in Iraq because it was to hot or to cold so I need to pick myself up off the ground and move forward making my usual 100 cards a month for OWH. I bought the patriotic paper at Michael's and the ribbon also and I plan to include this card with a special note for a OWH Hero. There is a huge OWH blog hop going on right now with 132 participates join in the fun and make some cards for our guys and gals. If you have any cardfronts or cards that you would like to donate to OWH you can send them to me and I will revise them into cards and ship them off or if you want just go to the website and find the nearest location to you for mailing cards, envelopes or donations.
Thanks and have a great weekend, Jeanine


Kathy and Lucky said...

Hope you are doing alright, you have gone through so much. This is such a great card and wonderful way to remember our military. TFS.

Paula S. said...

This is beautiful card and your words of wisdom are so true, thanks for reminding all of us to take the time to reflect.

sas44 said...

Beautiful card!Thanks for the OWH info. I have so many craft supplies and this will be a great way to use up the supplies. You've survived so much lately and it will only make you stronger. Just keep moving forward. Take care.

hrtmomma2 said...

Love everything about this card!! You are such a strong lady, you are in our prayers!!
You take care of you and rest!!