Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday Late Post

This is a circle card that I cut out once when I was up at my friend Becky's house for a day of stamping and crafting. I used the background set from SU Sprinkles and SU Ballet Blue ink. The die cut flower is called Daisy from SU and I just cut out 2 sets then I staggered them and rolling the edges. After I was all done I put a Daisy D Gem in the middle a butterfly with 3 super mini gems and the salutation 'Friend' up on top. I love cards like this with all the 3-D elements.

My next card is Black and White and actually I messed up the Salutation so I wiped it off and it looked good until I took this picture and now it shows. Oh well I used SU Black and Pure White paper, white craft ink, black ink, MM dotted Swiss ribbon, SU Great Friends & Time Well Spent stamp sets and SU Pretties Kit. Can you tell I have way to much SU stuff? If I could just get rid of the 50 retired sets I would be really happy, but their just not moving right now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and you have many blessings.

P.S. I just realized this wasn't posted last night so here you be.


Sandy said...

I love the butterfly from the Great Friend set. I think your card is perfect!

Deedee Anderson said...

Wow, that circle card is REALLY neat, Jeanine! I agree -- I love 3-D elements, but I'm so bad about knowing how to use them. The butterfly card is really striking in black and white.

Deedee Anderson said...

P.S. I've been meaning to tell you that I really like your new blog background -- I'm not sure when you changed it, but it just registered in my brain -- LOL!

TN Granny said...

I think I'll start leaving comments for myself so it looks like I have more people looking at the blog. Thanks for the comments on the blog background its lots easier to read now.

suzystampr said...

black/ of my favorite color combos...stunning love love it!!

Anonymous said...

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