Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cards for Hero's

Well I don't know whats wrong with Blogger but I've been trying for over an hour to upload pictures. I've been busy making my Cards for Heroes the past two days, I made 25 Halloween cards on Monday and on Tuesday I made 27 Thanksgiving cards to send off. It takes a while to get to the soldiers since you send cards to the home base where they sort and mail the cards to military squads everywhere. I cheated and I'll probably go to prison for this so I won't tell you so you won't be an accessory to the crime. I used SU card stock, MM Halloween paper , computer generated salutations and Whipper Snapper images. I think they turned out pretty cute and it gives the soldiers a chance to write home on a card and surprise their families.

Now I'm waiting for the Tree man to come out and give me and estimate on trimming trees. Then I have the man coming from the Sleep center to check out my bedroom maybe I can ambush him if he's cute. OK again I'm always giving to much information. Have a great day and I'll catch you tomorrow.

God Bless


debinicol said...

Jeanine. this is such a wonderful thing that you do for the armed forces...we need to help you. I will send you some too. Now, you will do just about anything to get a man out to your house, eh? lol

Michelle said...

That's a lot of cards to make at once. Good for you! And they're really nice cards too. The soldiers that receive them will no doubt be very grateful to send such lovely cards to their friends and families.

Deedee Anderson said...

WOW, Jeanine -- you have been busy! Our soldiers are going to be so appreciative to get these fun reminders of home.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

OHMYGOSH! I loooooove that Turkey! Do you have that turkey? I need some of that turkey!

As usual your cards are amazing and your talent is just astounding. It is an honor to be your friend.