Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coffee Time

Hi, its Sunday and I've had a rough weekend with my Internet being down and then sitting on the phone for 2 hours with someone actually her name was Denise and she was very nice telling me to unplug, now plug, change cords, etc etc etc. I finally got it fixed but she wouldn't reconnect my wireless so now I have to call D-link and I just wasn't up to it.

I made this card on and off for the past 2 weeks, I used Copics for the coffee cups and then after playing with the Crafter companion I made the totally cool bow and I just threw it together using SU cardstock and DSP from someone. I used my corner punches and matched the print on the DSP with the card paper and that's it, simple and easy.

Now if this card looks familiar to someone yes its a card you sent me a couple of years ago. I found it yesterday and decided to recycle it for Cards for Heroes. Sandy Domelle sent me this card and she decorated pretty much like this I added the Hunter Green card stock punched the lacy border on the green and then cut down the original card and punched the lacy border on it. Now be honest have you ever recycled cards and if you do what do you do with them? I'm always looking for things to do so if I don't sell them then I donate them and I love the idea for Cards for Heroes (are you getting tired of hearing about them?) well as long as their fighting for me and you and our country I'll keep talkin about em and makin em cards.
Talk with you all tomorrow. Big Hugs everyone!


Micki said...

oooohhh me, waving my arm in the air.... Yes, I've had several cards that I received several years ago. I had accumulated quite a few and space was starting to be limited. Several of the cards, partly because of the humidity or just because they've sat for so long, came apart, so I recycled them and did what you did. Send them Cards for Heros. You did a great job on that card. I love it. the ribbon along with the gold cord really pull my eyes to the image and the scalloped edge adds such a nice, welcoming touch. And I really love your card in your last post. love it.

Sandy said...

I do the same thing! I love to recycle cards because I know someone put lots of time into them.

I send mine to missionaries that can't get cards easily so overall...donating your card to a good cause works great no matter what the cause may be!

Love the coffee card!

Deedee Anderson said...

I love how you used primary colors on the coffee card, and that fun bow up in the corner. Yes, I definitely recycle cards. I don't like to see anyone's hard work go to waste, let alone all that paper, etc. I usually send mine to Sandy for her family who are missionaries, but sometimes I will take one and pull it apart and use it on a whole new card. Thanks for sharing the link to Cards for Heroes -- hopefully I can send them some, too!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

I looove the silohette card. Very dainty!