Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For my Hero's

This is my day's work for today! I made 12 cards for OWH soldiers then I wrote little notes of thanks in all of them to mail off in my June package. Hopefully I'll get caught up with my 100 cards a month soon. I found the DSP at Michael's so although I bought 3 sheets for .59 each I made several cards. So yes I'm back in the saddle again as far as making cards but I got stopped when the tree people came.
Personal Journey: Finally some movement on the house, the tree company came by this morning and said they'd be back either after lunch or early Wednesday morning. Well all 5 trucks showed up at 12:30 geez a big Shredder, bucket truck, mini bobcat and a second truck for the wood chips. I can see all my neighbors houses now no more hiding the 'Jerks' house and I can see Ms. Phyliss's beautiful flower garden. Oh and the 'Jerks' shed thats on my property but since he's lived he all his life and his grandparents etc etc he can put stuff anywhere he wants to. Enough about Mr. Norman, all my 40 foot tall trees are down I have one evergreen left and one tree that they topped off. I'm sure my neighbor isn't to happy with me because she told me she couldn't afford to cut her tree down nor clean it up and hoped that the tree guys would take pity on her. Well they'll be back tomorrow at 0730 AM to finish the job, its sad to see the old trees gone but this is my philosphy Mother Nature did this to us not God. I hope that makes sense to you because when this tornado hit the first words out of my mouth was 'Oh God, O God why?' when in reality it wasn't God it was Mother Nature. In the days that followed I realized so much more about God than I had ever known. I've learned so much about myself in the past six weeks thanks to being alone and having the chance to think things through. This past six weeks has been a blessing to me I have made some decisions alone only because I've tried talking to my daughter but she's been to busy. I'm not needed anymore and I want to be needed I want someone to care about me, to worry if they haven't heard from me in a week. I could fall down the stairs and who would care or check on me? Answer me that? Jeanine


April said...

I think your cards turned outsell! I hope you can. Get thru your 100 this month!

On a personal note - I don't think that as humans we ever want to feel not needed. I think our talents all lie in a magnitude of ways...and while we might not understand at the time, relationships have a way of straightening out given time. And why "blame" yourself for it not working when there are multiple ways to see a situation.

sas44 said...

Your cards are beautiful! Such a talent you have. Glad your finally getting some of the work done on your place. If I hadn't heard from you in a week I would worry about you. Look forward to your blog and would want to know why you're not posting. The difficult thing about caring for someone who"s a blog friend is not being able to help as I wouldn"t have any personal information to try to contact to check on you. It's the down side of computer buddies. But I do care and want the best for you. Remember God doesn't give us any more than we can handle. Take care.