Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sometimes you need a little hug!

Hidee hoe! Yep I'm still in Kansas but I scheduled these post so you wouldn't think I went into seclusion again. Like I said I love to color so I had plenty of Copic colored images to use when I started putting my cards together. These are for OWH and I have a stack of probably 30 already made up just have to cut the designer paper and matting for the images then glue them together. I adore these little girls with their Sunday dresses and hats, the cardstock is SU and scraps of paper from my bin. Did I tell you I had so many punches in my craft drawer the bottom fell out? I had to take it to get it fixed because I broke the bottom geez can't catch a break anywhere and that isn't a pun either. You'd think after 6 months of being pretty much trapped in my house waiting for work to be completed I would have cleaned my craft room but I sure didn't just continued to buy stuff and let it sit. What a vicious cycle we live in, I wanna hear your thoughts on hording crafting stuff! Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday with more ideas and stories of my trip.

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