Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harps and Music

See I told you I would be back 'Oh ye of little faith'. This is a card I made for OWH using spanish greetings. Dixie says she rarely gets any so I try to mail off about 20 with each shipment (although I haven't mailed any of in over 4 months). I'm trying really hard to get back into this because making cards puts such happiness in my heart. I love to be creative and I especially love to inspire others to do the same. I've proposed to myself that I make a schedule of what I need to do each day and that includes hour a day to cleaning, laundry, dishes whatever then at least 30 minutes of Zumba and then at least an hour to cardmaking hopefully I will be back surprising you with fun stuff!


Sandy said...

This is very cute! I love Tilda and this one is just precious!

Sylvia said...

Glad to have you back. Your card is darling.

I like your comment about making a schedule to get things done. It helps me to make a to do list. And I should do some cleaning everyday. So now that is my goal to do at least one cleaning thing a day. Now on to clean the bathroom. LOL>

Deedee Anderson said...

Granny, it is SO good to see you posting again! I've really missed you, and pray that things continue to get better for you. Your card is adorable, and how clever to make it with a Spanish greeting -- I'm sure it will be much appreciated. BIG HUGS!!!