Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Ideas from Jeanna

I love these little Santa cards that Jeanna made and they look pretty easy to make guess I'll try some for Christmas cards. It's been raining here 24/7 and I hate going in the basement so I'm looking at all the cute ideas that Jeanna Linzer had displayed for sale at her all day crop that I drove over 850 miles to see. We had so much fun for the few days I was there but Jeanna is so multi talented and I wanted to promote her goodies and her website. If your interested she sells Stampin UP! products and all the goodies I've listed the past week, if you want to order send her an email: with Order in the subject line.
Well if you know me at all you know I love the poop!!! I've made reindeer, snowman (mini marshmellows), pumpkin poop, witches poop but Jeanna did an awesome job on these Reindeer poop gift bags and she's got lots for sale if your interested.
Last but not least is this beautiful wreath that Jeanna made with the folded flower. How cute is this and if you look real close you'll see her 'Post it' note Owl key holder that is way to precious. So gang thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, Jeanna and Stephanie were such an inspiration to me and now have me back on track to make fun stuff. To get ahold of Stephanie: she does the scrapbooking pages and lots of fun diecuts for scrapbooking.
Until another time, God Bless, Jeanine

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Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, what fun projects. These would be great for Christmas.