Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

What a beautiful day, family, good food, lots of love and a wonderful way to Thank God for all my many blessings. I made this cutie card yesterday and had planned to post it this morning but things got in the way. It's made with SNS digi stamp and some MM DSP. I love layers so this was fun with the MS border punches and Copic's.

Now my question did you have an Easter Egg Hunt today? Have I got a story for you..............We were invited to my daughter Vicki's home today for Easter dinner I took Mom and we drove over at 3PM. I helped make the sweet potato casserole and we sat down to a glorious dinner. After cleaning up we all went in the living room and talked. Well on the way back from the little girls room we noticed Mom didn't have her teeth in. I said 'Mom did you forget your teeth at home?' (Mom's 91 an has dementia) She said yea I just noticed that! Well we all agreed she had her teeth in when we had dinner otherwise she couldn't have ate the ham, broccoli or rolls. We didn't have a Easter Egg Hunt we had a False teeth Hunt. Goodness we looked everywhere, we were stumped and just couldn't figure it out. Poor Allen dug everything out of the garbage thinking she might have thrown them out by mistake, we questioned her and searched the house, backyard, wherever she suggested even though we knew she wasn't in the backyard. We went through all the left overs, then finally I had to do the dreaded......we thought she might have rinsed her teeth after dinner and dropped them in the toilet. Well all I can say is the hunt was on and the pipe was way to small for the teeth to go through it. I decided after an hour of hunting and alot of frustration we headed home to see if she had forgotten to put them in although the three of us would have sworn she had to have them to eat with. Well its 10 PM I've hunted the house and Vicki did up all the dishes, re-searched the garbage and Allen checked the toilet again and guess what??? Mom went to bed without her teeth, but then she never missed them to begin with. Yep I count my blessings every morning and every night and then I thank the Lord for everything. Hope your hunt was better than mine. God Bless,


Moose Ridge said...

oh, Jeanine... what a day... prayers for you all!!

Dunlap TN

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness! What a day!!! So, have you found the teeth yet?
The adventures and days you have defintely keep you busy...never a boring moment?

vicki :) said...

I never thought of it like that, but yep we had a false teeth hunt!! But it was ME that dug through the trash!!! And when my teenagers got home (after mom & grandma left) I warned them to be on the lookout for false teeth. Boy you should of seen their faces!!