Thursday, September 30, 2010

Butterfly Kisses

This really looks washed out and its a beautiful card.  I love butterflies and this paper is creme, black and white DSP.  The card is SU Black then a layer of white then the DSP and some lovely lace I got a Hobby Lobby the other day.  Lace is playing a big part of card making lately, the card was quick and simple to put together with a simple salutation in the corner.
Journal Time: Today was a busy day getting ready for this wonderful trip to St. Louis, actually its Pacific, Missouri where Six Flags is.  Now not a lot of people know that if I hear a roller coaster I go crazy.  I love riding roller coasters I just don't know how the Titanic tower in my back would like them.  Oh well I'm going to meet some special ladies that I met on the Internet several years ago and have bonded with.  We all have a huge love for stamping be it SU, Vintage or just cute.  Some of the girls are coming from afar like me, Tennessee, Kansas, west Missouri, and St. Charles, Mo.  I can hardly wait.  My car is packed and I'm so excited to finally meet them after sharing so much with them over the past few years.  Tomorrow Allen my son in law is having back surgery and I will sit with my daughter at the hospital in Chattanooga until he's out of surgery.  Then I will head out for my trip.  I won't be posting until I'm back because I decided not to bring my laptop.   I went to see Mom today she is doing good she is having a hard time remembering her children's names.  She told me she fell and had to have back surgery and just got home (that actually happened in 1973).  But she is happy and jokes with the other ladies there at the home.  She asked me to talk with the eye doctor and find out when the darkness would clear up in her eyes.  She is legally blind and she will never get her eye sight back its kind of ironic since my sister was born legally blind and was put in the Illinois State School for the Blind to live.  When I leave her, she walks me to the car and then she heads right back to the girls and her buddy David.  She really is happy and enjoys talking with the other patients where she's at.   Well I told her I was going on a trip but 5 minutes later she had forgotten but I feel better because I know she is eating well and enjoying her life. 
So now I need to get my shower, finish my packing and get some sleep.  I told the girls this morning I'm so excited I almost wet my pants.  This is so neat to met up with those we meet on the Internet sharing our love of stamping.  OK, I've rambled on as much as I can maybe that will make up for me not being online for a few days.  Have a wonderful rest of the week and say a prayer for Allen that the surgery goes well and that the surgeon doesn't sneeze (that's a private joke from Allen himself).  Much love to you and remember to 'Play it Forward' one little smile means so much.
God Bless,


Moose Ridge said...

oh, grrr... let's try AGAIN

hope you have (or maybe by time you see this, had) a wonderful time!!

Dunlap TN

Sandy said...

Hope you have lots of fun and post some pictures!!!!

I love your butterfly and the sentiment and trim just give it a warm elegant feel!

Anonymous said...

What a striking combination in this card, Granny. Love the black and white together with that bold butterfly image -- beautiful! Praying that your son-in-law's surgery went perfectly and he is healing up well. Also that you have a terrific time stamping and visiting with your friends this weekend. Much love! Deedee

Anonymous said...

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