Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best friend forever

Yep I really love the easle card its like a card in a stand up frame that tells it like it is.  I used MS punch 'trellis', Prima flowers, some cardboard stickers, rhinestone gems, vanilla brads die black, puppy ribbon and SU Cardstock.  The image is from Deedee called
'Unconditional Love' for some reason Yahoo won't let me bring a copy of the set over to my blog.  But its has 2 images and 3 salutations for $3.00 go check it out at:

Journal time:  I went by to see Mom yesterday and she is doing great.  She really has fun with David and Agnes as they take her driving each day.  Agnes calls her Miss Clara and they are always teasing each other and Mom smiles alot.  I personally am happy that she is content there as long as she doesn't have to listen to the TV blasting.  You know old people their hearing is poor but this one woman must be deaf because she complains if it isn't up loud and its really annoying when your trying to talk.  But Mom and I have a nice talk and I usually stay an hour or more then she walks me out to the car with the help of Agnes.  My blood pressure is down to normal for the first time in probably 6 years, yep it will be 6 years since we moved to Tennessee this month.  The time has flown by but I love the people here, I love the seasons and I feel blessed to have what I have.
I plan on making reservations this week for a cruise, then Ryan my grandson and I plan on going to Hogwarts in October so I plan on making hotel reservations for that, then this Crazy lady wants to go on a trip with me so Nelda get that passport.   Tomorrow I'm going to Chattanooga to visit my friend True for the day and stamp away.  We haven't seen each other in over 3 months so I can hardly wait.  I'm doing a little reading and today I actually spent 4 hours in my studio and made some cards.  I'm just not motivated right now but once I get these yard sales out of the way and get the house in shape I'll put it on the market.  But that's a way off and I plan on taking each day at a time since its just me.
Until tomorrow, remember to 'Play it forward'.
Big hugs, 

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Anonymous said...

I am nearly speechless at this incredible scene you created, Granny! You know how much I love scenes on cards, and this is just such a happy one. I love your little Bark Park!!! Congrats on getting to do some of the fun things you've been wanting to and needing to. It is such a blessing to hear that your mom is doing well and enjoying herself, too! I can't wait to hear more about your travel plans -- how very fun! Hugs, Deedee