Saturday, September 25, 2010

Butterfly Grass

I made this card a few days ago using SU card stock, SU stamp set 'Inspired by Nature' and the SU butterfly punch.  I added stickles in the center of the butterfly to bring up the body.  I don't have a clue what that little smudge is in the lower left corner because its not on the card, obviously its on the camera lens.  I'm still looking for my mojo, it left about a week ago and its lost can't find it anywhere!
Journal Time: I haven't journal 'ed in a long time, maybe because I'm not feeling real good about myself lately.  I've started a diet with Nutri-systems this past Monday and actually have to say I'm eating more now than I was before.   Let me just say I can help you save yourself some money, the food is OK and you have a good choice but I normally don't eat till dinner.  Now I'm eating breakfast, lunch and dinner  plus 2 snacks, but I'm still getting hungry after 8 at night.  That's when I eat when I sit down to watch TV and relax, I know you shouldn't eat after 7 PM but I do.   It's not worth the money to do Nutri-Systems .  You get this huge box of dinners, soup, bars, cookies but they don't give you much information to go on.  Nor do they tell you, you have to go buy fruits, veggie, salad stuff so now your eating pre-packaged cereal, Chinese, oh and you have to have protein so you need to buy chicken and turkey.  So it's really not worth it, I can buy the same meals in the freezer section.  I guess the one good thing would be that it all comes in a box an its easy to transport!   I really want to lose this weight and I would love to exercise if my COPD didn't get in the way.  I wish I had someone close by that would want to walk or exercise with me, keep me mobile and honest three days a week.
OK girls please 'Play it Forward' it's such a wonderful feeling. 
God Bless,


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Micki said...

Beautiful card!!!!! Granny I'll talk to you next weekend ok?

Anonymous said...

This has such a lovely, delicate feel to it, Granny! BEAUTIFUL card!!! Hugs, Deedee

Sandy said...

This is so lovely! I just love what you do with butterflies!!!!