Sunday, September 12, 2010

Make a paper flower tutorial

I've decided to do another tutorial for my post this week. This verse is from Deedee's Digi's called 'Words of Comfort'. It's a simple card made with SU cardstock and Spellbinder frames, a few pearls and the glorious flower that is so easy to make so let's get started.
Things you will need to get started: some SU cardstock, SU scallop punch, brads, Crimper and patience! OK, punch out 3 scallops of the color card stock you want,
and then run them through the Crimper several times just to break down the fibers.
Next, take just one circle and separate the layers very slowly.
(Yes its possible!) It took me a while to get one started. When you do, then keep going around the edge, then pull them apart and scrunch em up.
I find that 6 layers makes the best flowers and the more crinkled the better for forming the flower.
Now that you've scrunched them, un-scrunch them and stack em up.
Put a brad in to hold them all together - don't worry, it won't show.
Now just start scrunching layer by layer. Now here is where I tell you I tried it with DSP (double-sided paper) only I didn't try to separate them I just punched out 6 scallops AND... it works great!
Here is your finished flower, oh wait I have another picture
In this picture are 3 flowers that I made with SU double-sided paper. Make sure you use double-sided or it looks horrible. Then for a tip that I just learned (see, an old dog can learn new tricks), to make yourself some leaves, take the SU 5 petal punch and punch out some green cardstock. Then cut them like I show in the sample, and see how I placed them under the flowers with glue?

So now get busy girls then place those darling flowers on your cards with a verse from Deedee's digi's and you'll have a great card!  Easy Peasy!  I would love to see your flowers so show me when you can!  Now the next question is how do I get it in a envelope? OK that's my next tutorial!
Have a great week, God Bless.


GrannyCharlotte said...

Great card and tutorial. TFS. Hope you have a GREAT week!!!

MiamiKel said...

Absolutely fabulous! What a great tutorial :) Looks like a wonderful Flower garden on your blog! x0x0

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great tutorial, I can't wait to try these! Cindy B

Micki said...

wow granny, that is an awesome tutorial. I have not tried to make these flowers.... am gonna try it :-). Love those flowers!!!! And absolutely adore your birdie card!

Although that wedding card today is simply stunning..... hoping to see you in two weeks.