Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dropping by to say Hi

Yep unhuh another Doodle Pantry image isn't it sweet?
Pumpkin Birdie with 4 verses for $2.50 I think we need to name this birdie he is soooooooooooooooo cute I can't get enough of him.  I used SU card stock, DSP & SU ribbon.  I colored everything in Copic's used the SU corner punch and how pretty is that?

Another nameless animal I guess I need to name him I still need to figure out what that orange thing in the middle of the image is.  I tried a double bow and don't like it but its to late, I used SU paper and my 'As seen on TV' paper cutter my brother in law brought me for Christmas.  I love it cause it really changes the look of the paper.  I love this Doodle Pantry worm remember when I made the Gummy bear card?  Same guy only he wasn't sick!   This image is called 'Get Well Worm' check them out at Laurie has so many cute images, wait till you see my piggy card!

Journal Time:  It's been a busy few days, I'm still trying to recover from not having a Monday.  Now my whole week is messed up, I'm still on Tuesday heck I forgot to put my trash out yesterday because I thought it was Monday morning.  Daa!  when the garbage truck pulled up oh well I didn't fill up the can so he just got a free pass by my house.  Then I ran to the Post Office sent off a package and then went to see Mom.  She was her same old self she kept asking me when I was taking her home.  She just doesn't understand it why she has to stay there, but I am so much more calm, my blood pressure is almost normal and I know she's well taken care of.  Well gang I have two tutorials to work on so I guess I need to shut down this computer and get to work.  Have a great day and remember 'Pay it forward'.
God Bless,


GrannyCharlotte said...

Sweet cards. Love the digis. Thanks for sharing.

Deedee Anderson said...

Both cards are adorable, Granny! I really need to get over and check out that Doodle Pantry store -- the images you've been sharing are so cute, and you do them up so sweetly! So glad to hear that your blood pressure is back to normal -- hooray! It must be tough for both you and your mom with the change, but I have faith in you that you are doing the right thing for both of you! Hugs, Deedee

Laurie said...

I love the colors on these cards, especially the stripey worm! Very cute!

Laurie said...

I love the colors on these cards, especially the stripey worm! Very cute!