Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cookie Please!

 Hi there did you miss me?  I drove 1503 miles in 72 hours and met 4 priceless women and one wonderful husband in Pacific, Mo.  We had the greatest time, slept little and learned much about each other.  Before I go on thought Jeanna taught us how to make this pop up card all with punches.  It came on a tutorial and as soon as I get the designers name I will post it.
I just love the concept of this card and had a blast making it.  I wouldn't make a bunch but hey it was fun.
This is the project Alicia showed us.  This is a cookie sheet that we put DSP, punched some holes in the handles and used ribbon to hold the wooden spoon.  We punched a hole in the right side and hung a pen on ribbon.  What a quick cute project.  You can hang this on a wall or you could put magnets on the back and hang it from the refrigerator.  Alicia gave us a tablet with a magnet on it and some cute quarter size button magnets to add notes.  Thanks Jeanna & Alicia for you projects.

Journal Time:  First off I have to thank Jeanna, Micki, Alicia, Debi and Debi's husband Dave for a really fun weekend, wonderful food and lots of laughs.  I've known these girls for 3-4 years, I met them on the Internet and we always said we'd meet so finally I drove 7 hours, Jeanna & Micki drove 4 hours to meet at Debi & Dave's house.  They were such great host and hostess even thought Debi just had back surgery she was a trooper and all her food was terrific.   I  am still trying to recover from lack of sleep but I did get downstairs to unpack my craft case and work on some cards.  I'll post my challenge card tomorrow.
And the good news Allen my SIL made it through surgery on Friday just fine.  As a matter of fact he came home Monday from the hospital and is walking pretty good for what he went through.
God is good that's for sure I have many blessings to be thankful for.  Take the time to 'Play it forward'.
God Bless,


Micki said...
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Micki said...

Granny, miss you too and am sooooo glad to have met you. Funny, how it felt like we've known each other and it was like we just resumed from where we had left off *(it's late, you know what I mean....)


Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

What adorable projects! You did such a great job on them.

Deedee Anderson said...

Oh what WONDERFUL projects, Granny!!! Where do these gals come up with these things?!? You must have just had a blast getting together with such good friends. So glad to hear you had a fun time. Also very glad to hear that Allen's surgery went well! :-) Hugs, Deedee