Friday, October 22, 2010

Blushing, Raynaud or Hyperhidrous

I'm back from San Antonio and I am a new woman!  I am so bless by God almighty in my life.   If you have followed my blog and know about my hyperhidrious you will know I had the procedure done on Wednesday and after 35 years I can go anywhere and do anything without worrying about having a bottle of frozen ice with me or a washcloth with ice cubes in it, or finding the coolest place in the store, or sticking my head in the freezer section to cool off.  This disease ruled my life for over 35 years and caused me to become a recluse in the summer time especially.   I couldn't walk up 5 steps without breaking into a sweat only on my head, it was like turning on a faucet at the top of my head and the water just poured down my face and neck causing my hair to be wet and people thinking I was having a heart attack or something else.  It crippled me into believing I was a freak,  I suffered and tried to explain to people what it was but they only saw the sweat pouring down my face and neck, causing my back to be wet.   God found me Dr. Nielson then he made it so my insurance paid for everything except the trip.  I knew it was the right thing because God showed me the way.  All day Wednesday after surgery I tested myself to make sure it really worked, I sat by the pool in the shade and it was 89 degrees, never once sweat a bit. I walked all around the Alamo but my COPD got the best of me and I only saw glimpses of the River-walk the humidity was 78%. I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely happy I am and many of you are saying geez she really is strange but if you could have seen me during one of these episodes you would totally understand.  It's a silent disease that will put you into a great depression, cause great mental anguish and cause you low self esteem.  With God and Dr. Nielson I'm am cured and for that I will constantly thank the Lord.   Hyperhydrious is rarely talked about many doctors don't even know what it is because most people as so embarrassed about it but it can be corrected if you know anyone that has sweating hands, feet or just constantly has a blushed face let them know to check out the Internet for Hyperhydrious it really will change their lives.  I was referred to Dr. Nielson and was told he was only one of five people to do this procedure it is totally amazing it took longer to prepare me for the surgery than it did to do the surgery and I only have two incisions 1/2 inches by my armpits.   I would love to become a spoke person for Hyperhidrous because it ruled my life and caused so much anguish for almost 40 years, if I can help one person with it I would in a heartbeat.
Deedee's Digi's is having a bloghop today so if you get a chance go over and say hi there is some nice blog candy up for grabs:
OK now since I took my Copic's with I colored at least 50 images so I have a great little stash for cards, I'll head downstairs and whip up some cards to put on this blog.  Thank you all if your still with me reading this.  I cannot explain the true joy I am feeling right now, thank you God Almighty for this rich blessing.


CJ said...

Jeanine -

Congrats, I am so happy for you and the new joy you have found in life. Thanks for sharing your story.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jeanine Sweetie...
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I am so thrilled for you that he guided you to Dr. Nielson, and you my friend are healed of a horrible lockdown of the last 40 years of your life. I agree that you should follow through about being a spokesperson for this horrible disease that is not known to many of us. Go forth sweet friend.

A beautiful post, and I thank you for sharing with me. I do not know of this disease but you have made me aware and I will be reading up on it.

I will pop by DeeDee's and say hi. Have a beautiful weekend sweetie.

Country hugs and much love, Sherry

April said...

That is a beautiful post! One doesn't need a card or paper craft to show gratitude when one professes it like that! I am so glad the God pointed the way for you!!

Paula said...

Congratulatons! You're excitement shines through on your post. It's wonderful and encouraging to hear of your positive outcome for anyone suffering from any sort of illness. Thanks for the boost! :)

MiamiKel said...

Oh hun, what a joyous post to read today and to hear your exuberance is such a happy thing! God is an Almighty God and truly guided you to and through this process and I'm so happy to hear your results are good and life will resume again with joy abudant! Wonderful news - and can't wait to see all your creations! Welcome home!! x0x0

Robin said...

wow - I am so happy for you. Yes, God is Good!