Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Magnolia Madness Ends

I have finished the Magnolia Images I promised for my friend in Virginia. I am ready to mail them off but today brings freezing rain to our cold countryside so I'm not venturing out package will have to wait.
If you have any questions about the images or the makings of the cards please feel free to contact me at AZGramTN@bellsouth.net I would take the time to post all of the stuff that I used to make the cards but it doesn't appear that anyone is looking so due to depression and this dreary weather I'll skip that part.

I sure hope this week clears up pretty soon and things start looking better because weather like this could bring dis pare to a lot of people. I can't image living in Portland or Seattle where it rains 80% of the time, oh don't get me wrong I love rain but after having it for the past few weeks I'm tired of it and request it be moving on.

Now if I had my RV I would just jump in it and drive to the sunshine and stay until I got tired of it and head else where. That is my plan, I want to sell this house and 75% of everything in it store the rest in a storage unit and then go. I have a carpenter that is going to customize the RV for my stamping goodies and the rest will either be sold or stored. Now to just get moving and have some yard sales and sell on www.onlineauction.com
Well that is my big plan so guess I'll head down to the studio and get to work.
God Bless,


Sandy said...

You have been on a roll! They are all so cute!

debinicol said...

OOOOOH! I love what you did to Tilda!!! She takes such good pictures, doesn't she? I love the way you color Jeanine...great job on all of them!