Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday - A day of rest?

Today I set out to do my taxes, well that didn't happen but I clean out 9 drawers, went in the crawl space and dug though a ton of stuff in there. I am a super organized person each year I finish my taxes I file the taxes in my brief case and I'm done. Well I can't find where I put the briefcase and I must have open 6 plastic totes, my Creative Memories large tote and with all that done I didn't find my Zyron 510 nor my taxes. I have two huge plastic bags full of papers to shred and after all that work I am frustrated and I still haven't done my taxes.

So after I put my boneless ribs and potatoes in the oven I went downstairs and made a card with scraps, pretty good huh? I used SU card stock and the embossed cuttlebug flowers were in my scrap pile so I put pearls on them colored a butterfly and I think it turned out pretty good.
I still didn't get my taxes done nor did I find where I put the 2008 tax duplicate. Now I guess since Sunday is a day of rest and I went ape cleaning my Studio and crawl space I deserve not to find them but trust me I'll be at it again starting around 10 AM tomorrow.
Hope your weekend was great!
God Bless,

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nitestamper said...

so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love the colors you chose!!!