Sunday, February 7, 2010

SU Playday

I have been waiting a whole month for this SU stamp set 'Totally Tess' and I couldn't wait to get home last night and set it up so I could use it. I doubt you can see but I paper pieced Tess's shirt and pants then I used embroidery thread for the handles on the tote bag, and actually used SU pens to color.........NOT ever again I am super spoiled with Copic's. This is a fun stamp set to send cards to other stampers with, I used Basic Grey DSP and SU white for the base. My camera is having one of those days and decided not to take a good picture after I took this birdhouse picture. Yesterday was SU play day and I look forward to these days so much, its my only chance to get out and be with other stampers. Brenda had four really cute projects set out for us, First was a sucker holder made out of 4 heart punches , second was a tutorial about the new border and corner punches which I bought but I am very disappointed in them. I spent over 2 hours today trying to make a square or rectangle and none of them came out right. I started out on typing paper but the punch ate the paper every punch so I had to switch to DSP well it did not eat the paper but I never did get four good looking sides. I'm still wagering if I will send them back, nothing should be that infuriating.
I'm sorry I haven't been around lately I have been fighting with myself over the care of my mother. I've been everywhere and talked to dozens of caregivers, I've seen many nursing homes, assisted living centers, care homes and interviewed caregivers who come into your home to care for your elder. I thought I had made my decision I didn't care Mom was wearing me down and I couldn't take it anymore she was going to a home. Then I started my search and now besides the cost I have my doubts as to what to do. Thanks to a counselor from 'A Place for Mom' I have been able to talk it out with her and she makes me feel like I'm not the bad daughter. She has told me I'm not alone and actually introduced me to others that are in the same boat as me. Well here I am still in my silent world trying to do the right thing for Mom.
Hope your weekend was wonderful.
God Bless,


Robin said...

Cute cards, Jeanine. Sorry the punches aren't working out. I was going to get some! My MIL loves her assisted living home. Hope you find something soon for your Mom. I'll be praying for you to find the perfect place for her (and please see the good daughter in yourself - you care enough to be concerned about her welfare).

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Tess looks awesome!! LOOOOVE her!

And yes, I agree with Robin, dont beat yourself up. You are a wonderful and loving daughter and this is all so hard for you because you DO care and you DO feel a sence of guilt. But it IS a good thing and I think you BOTH would flourish from it!