Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Official

Actually 'It's Official' is next I wanted to post this beautiful card I received a few weeks ago by my friend Debi. It's an easel card and I love it she was the one that inspired me to make the two easel cards that I did. I love what Debi did with the paper piecing and frame. Thank you Debi you've had it rough lately, you & your husband are in my prayers.

OK now today was the day I filed for Social Security to start in April 2010. Yep I could have been getting it before this but I thought I would wait until I was 65, then I realized Uncle Sam changed the rules and so I filed and that will help me realize my dreams when the time comes for me to pack my my RV and journey around the U.S.A. I'm really sic'd and think this is a good move on my part.
So I did very little crafting today but spent a few hours researching and then decided it was the thing to do. I'll get back into card making tomorrow since you can't go anywhere because the weather is just horrible, at least I don't have snow. I feel so sorry for all those people with 3 feet of snow and no electricity. Please stay warm and take care.
God Bless,


vicki said...

beautiful card!! I agree the weather is horrible. SNOW, SNOW go away!!!

Robin said...

What a gorgeous card from Debi! And congrats on the big decision. I pray things will go smoothly for you. I'm so excited that one of your dreams is about to come true.