Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time on my hands

Yep I have way to much time on my hands and the idea struck me on Sunday so I started my project hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. I used SU Saddle Stitch Book that I got years ago and just found the package the other day when I was searching for my tax forms. I love the SEI Madeline DSP so I used it, the SU new border punch, Basic Grey Magnetic snaps and tons of ribbon and fibers (remember when fiber was the thing to use?)

I don't have a husband but just put it in the dedication cause it sounded cute like everyone does. I typed the dedication on the computer then used Pink Magic Mesh and a butterfly sticker.
Page 2 is the Table of Contents I layered it on top of SEI Madeline DSP, inked the edges and added a flower sticker. I forgot to mention I hand sewed the book.
Page 3 is the total look for Tess from top, slacks & tote complete with gems and or fun fur (Liquid Applique) or white pearls.
Or maybe a striped suit with matching tote. I love the white slacks with searing blue blouse and rope handles on the matching blue tote. But my fav is the classic red blouse, black slacks and polka dot black tote with red rose accent.
Page 5 is Tess's tops, blouses or shirts whatever your preference and she has three quarter sleeves, short sleeves and typical long sleeves, WOW.
Page 6: Well now SU has the classic black apron but with Tess well she not just classic she's "Style n" with coordinating aprons and accessories.

Page 7: Every girl needs slacks, lots and lots of slacks.

Page 8: Notice that there is a blue pair of slacks that match that beautiful searing blue blouse and tote. So many choices so little time and room to express all Tess's ideas and suggestions.
Page 9: This is what started it all designing the totes. Open your mind to rope handles, braided handles, leather handles, the ideas are endless.
Page 10: All the colors and the accents how about a black crinkled leather in the lower right corner. Pink Pearls, Pink fun fur, Red rose exciting.
Page 11: Tess wanted to highlight all the wonderful tools she uses while she is creating or designing cards and other cute ideas.
And how can you do anything without the INK, come on could we have fun with this set if SU would do an accessories set with other cute stuff!
Now to the best part of all the 'Thank you' hidden in the envelope and if only you could figure out her email address.................
Page 14: Tess and plaid pants well nows your chance to comment. I had so much fun making this book for Tess and my friends, my mind is already working on Tess's next mini book after all this was her debut.
Love havin fun like this and I so hope that all of you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it. Oh yes her email is
God Bless.

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