Thursday, March 24, 2011

Iris Folding cards

I have been trying for 2 days to post this Iris Folding but Blogger has me ripping my hair out. At first I thought it was my laptop but when I tried to use my desk computer today Blogger locked up my whole computer so I will post these pictures and then get on the phone with Blogger to find out what is going on. These cards are from the Cardmaker Card Kit I get monthly and don't think they are worth the $21. it cost.
I think the paper is super thin and cheap but I do have to say I actually learned how to Iris Fold. Ok
I'm done it just deleted the other 3 pictures I had, hopefully everything will get fixed the next 24 hours . God Bless all of you and I sure hope I can get this fixed!


Carol L said...

I had issues with blogger for the past week too, so stay cool, I don't think it's your computer!
I've dabbled with iris folding and found that the thinner papers are much easier to fold, so perhaps that's why you received them. Your card turned out great, and I love the envie too :)

sas44 said...

I've never done iris folding either but this looks like you did a great job. Love the color combination.

Anonymous said...

Oooh this is STUNNING, Granny! Love the colors and the fun way the folded pieces fit inside the frame. I have never tried this, but I've heard the thinner papers work best for it. I know that's true with origami at least, so maybe that's why they sent you this kind? You are not alone with the Blogger issues -- hang in there -- hopefully they'll get it fixed SOON!