Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've always been a believer, I think as you get older you also become closer to God. I seem to talk to him alot more always asking questions that I didn't worry about before. I had alot less worries or at least I thought so when I was younger and invincable. Now I don't worry I just wonder........where did that ache come from, did I always walk crooked, why do I seem so lazy, why do I lose so many things, why would I keep my pen in the kitchen cubboard with my salt? Why do my shoes keep disappearing oh and then I surprise myself with things like crackers in the fridge. I delight in finding things in some of the most amazing places, and my basement has become my catch all area with only a path to the stairs and the outdoors.
Well trust me the worst room of the house is my studio, I can be making a card and lose the scissors I was working with. I have so much stuff I just toss the bag in the corner and move on. I think I'll donate a bunch of stuff to the school again I know I can't use all that cardstock nor all the hundreds no make that thousands of stamps I have. Want a goodie box send me $10 for postage and I will fill it up with stamps, embellishments, paper and ribbon I just have to get rid of this stuff. I just got another box of stamps and cardstock from SU yesterday with all the SAB's and geez I bearly have my head above all this stuff. I'm serious about the goodie boxes just email me at azgramtn@bellsouth.net and I'll give you my address then I'll fill a USPS large box with your favorite type of stamps and mail it back to you. I'm becoming a hoarder and that is scary so help me to straighten out my basement and studio heck fire even tell your friends.
Ok all of you darlings I need to go out and find some treats to put in my cards to the ladies at the nursing home for St. Patrick's day and I need to get some other errands done but always remember to
'Pay it Forward'
God Bless


Kathy and Lucky said...

This is gorgeous!!! Love the way you have the DP and the embossing, gorgeous as always.

Paula S. said...

What a pretty card Jeanine! I think a lot of folks can relate to not realizing how much they've accumulated until they suddenly notice they feel overwhelmed. But realizing it is half the battle in solving the problem so keep at it and good luck!

Libby Streed said...

Your beautiful OWH Stars and Stripes Challenge card brought me here and your heart-warming post kept me here. :) I've been debating (for too long) as to whether its time to donate all of those extra stamps or take the time (and stress and space) to try to sell them. Every time I say I'm going to start listing them on Ebay...I find a reason not to do it. Today I'll reach out to my children's school teachers and find out if they would be interested in the stamp sets. Thank you so much for sharing your story.--Hugs, Libby

Desert Rose Stamper said...

Lovely card. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too.