Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick & Easy Cards

These cards are quick and easy to make thanks to Club Scrap. I bought all of these images and verses at the Tennessee Stampers Retreat that I attended two years ago. Nancy Walker was selling them in our annual Yard Sale. In cleaning up the Studio I found them and knew they would be wonderful for "Operation Write Home" cards. I have this obsession about making cards for the soldiers so I am averaging 75 cards a month to them. Gotta fill my time since I'm kinda stuck at home being a caretaker for mom. Someday I won't have an excuse to make all these cards because I'll be on my journey in my RV. Heck at the rate I'm going I'm using all this extra stuff that I have horded for the past 3-4 years so I won't have to put it in storage, but that's another story.

Today I got a phone call that I have been dreading from my Pulmonary doctor. I did a test last week wearing a oxygen tester while I slept. I'm also suppose to wear a C-Pap but I don't because I just can't sleep with it on so since my last surgery I quit wearing it. They say I stop breathing 7-9 times in a 8 hour period and if I don't wear it I won't have to worry about breathing at all. Well Meredith called and the doctor has ordered my C-Pap increased and oxygen during the night. Well I told Meredith I hadn't been using the C-Pap that's probably why the oxygen levels were so low and her response to me was "Ok then good luck" and she hung up. Right now I'm weak in the knees and my heart is pounding. I sleep like a rock at night on my Temperpedic mattress and feel wonderful in the morning I just don't feel like anythings wrong. Guess I need to re-evaluate my priorities or I won't need the RV to travel in.

God Bless you all, your in my heart and prayers. Jeanine


Sandy said...

Caitlyn loves giraffes so she thinks that one is the best!

Sandy said...

Didn't realize the top part was with the rest because of the big space.

Uh...yah! You need to re evaluate your priorities. You need to do what the doctor says little lady!

Praying for you!

Kimmiek said...

No Kidding ey Granny?

The cards are lovely.
Great Colors.. The pachederm reminds me I have that set & loved it.. tiem to dig it out!! Thank-you for that!!
What you do for the Soldiers with making & sending so many is AWESOME!
** Incredible even.***

WHAT you are NOT doing for YOURSELF is not so hot.
NOT NOT NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT HOT! got it????

Well just WHO is Meredith??
Did she even listen or simply give up on your stubborness??

Why On earth are you not wearing your Cpap??
I know they don't rock the world... I don't like mine either...
They have just nasal cannulas if you don't like the full face mask. They also carry just nose & mouth masks.........
Sounds like without it you won't have a CHOICE!
You are all about choices are you not??
Another 30 years........ PLEASE please please If you do not TAKE CARE of the most important person.... YOURSELF>>>> who the heck is going to??
*** Even in my kids Boy Scout Book it say's Take Care of Yourself first!!!!!
**THEN help OTHERS>>>
You are no good to anyone.... never mind yourself if your organs (heart & lungs) start failing due to lack of oxygen..

All of your trials, pain suffering... back surgeries & *severe pain* you have fought
(are fighting)against for so many years now are MEANINGLESS.......
Please... take care of you.
Wear the silly mask..... Amen for Tempurpedic.. but wear the mask......try the others.
One will suit you.
Use the nightly oxygen.
We love you... Who will talk straight to me if you aren't here to keep me in line??
Don't make me pull out the big guns & lay on the Roman Catholic Guilt.. Jeanine! I demand you care for yourself. I love you. xoxoxox Kimmiek