Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life Update

Can you tell I'm not stamping much? Just putting together some cards to try to keep busy. It hasn't been a good week for me and so I'm being a little withdrawn. I do that when things start falling in all around me. It's personal and I'm not ready to share so for right now I'll post some cards I made and if anyone needs info on them send me an email and or leave a comment and I'll get you the information you'll need.

Whipper Snapper images with all SU cardstock and DSP.

Whipper Snapper image colored with Copics and SU cardstock.

God Bless to all my many friends and followers.


Nelda Deakins said...

Re: Your Bucket List: Will you hurry up and buy that RV? I'm anxious to do the 50 states with you, but being so much older - I'd surely like to hit my missed states first: ND, SD, WI, CA & HI.
I'll even help you drive, providing we do Route 66 from MO to CA! Also, we've gotta stay on the old roads - I even have a 1939 map that should be a good one to find all the great places! HA. Well, I'm ready as soon as this cold turnes to warm spring weather!
Love ya! Nelda

Sandy said...

This is too cute and I love the pigs in the bathtub.

I tried to leave a comment the day you posted this and it wouldn't let me. I tried the next day too. Works fine today so I don't know if it was Blogger or what???

Kimmiek said...

Hey grannypants!! I can leave comments again as well. Blogger was pretty naughty for a few days as I was also unable to coment!
I think the lawn mower is my fave of these..
Can't wait for Springtime to arrive. Hugs K