Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy Day

Hello everyone, today I set up an assembly line to get these cards off to the soldiers or 'Cards for Heroes'. My daughter was with me and we decided together to do the 100 cards for the soldiers heck fire last year I made 500 cards to be sent in individual boxes from the people of Cleveland. Well I've been doing copic coloring for days and yesterday I worked on layering the images and the salutations. I bought pre-made card stock with envelopes so I'm ahead of the game with that. I have to make the ribbon choices and then put them all together but I'm excited about the cards. I have a friend who loves the Whipper Snapper snowmen and she has all of them so she sent me about 40 images that I have been coloring for weeks. Tomorrow I will be putting the cards together and I promise to post them one or two at a time.
Then I went and got my hair cut and Joey asked me for Christmas cards. I have a basket in his shop and he sells my cards. He says they sell themselves and Joey said everyone is asking for Christmas cards. So I'm trying to dig out my Christmas stuff but it's in the crawl space and I can't get to it but I will soon.
Update on my hip replacement: I walk as much as I can and do the exercises that PT gave me. I walk with the cane and half the time I get up and forget the cane but halfway through my trip to the kitchen or potty I realize oops should of grabbed the cane. Some days I walk great like nothing ever happened other days I limp bad. Oh well 4 weeks out of surgery and I'm walking and I haven't taken a pain pill in over 2 1/2 weeks. I think things are going real well.
Everyone get busy do you believe Christmas is less than 6 weeks away? That can't possibly be true!!! I haven't even started shopping yet Internet shopping here I come.
Take care everyone, God Bless.

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Micki said...

groan, don't remind me how close Christmas is, lol...... I better get started on the Christmas cards. I am so thrilled to hear you're improving daily! That's fantastic.