Sunday, November 15, 2009

40 Days and Counting............

Yep, 40 days and its coming fast CHRISTMAS. This is a simple card done with DWVC pre-made card, I matted my snowman with Navy then put black mini gems on his jacket for the buttons. I used liquid stuff I can't think of the name but I forgot to heat it up so that it puffs up. Geez its horrible when your so old, I used some fluorescent cording and I just love the salutation on the card 'Will work for freezer space!'

Is this not cute, I made a copy of the snowman then I reduced the size, punched out the hole in this DVWC pre-made card put the snowman inside mounted on a small mat and what a darling card. I know you can't see the mini gems I put on the top 4 rows but if you compare the rows you will see the difference. So that's my two cards for the day, oh did I tell you I got into the crawl space and found my Christmas stuff. Yep I bet I found tons of stuff and images geez I got another 75 or more of Christmas stuff. I couldn't sleep last night so I finished some of my other cards till 4 AM and I went down there today after brunch and played for another 4 hours. I have so many cards to show you, oh but who is that who is YOU? Comments are greatly appreciated.

God Bless


Sandy said...

Oh my goodness! How cute is that!!! You are doing a wonderful job on all of the Christmas cards! Love them!!!

Robin said...

These are so cute!!!