Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boobs & Bras

 I bought this set last month during Breast Cancer Awareness month but I believe just because October is over you should stop thinking about women and breast cancer.  This adorable set is from Skipping Stone Designs and I have sent many a card out and receives tons of laughs.  I used SU card stock and DSP glitter paper for the front.  I used SU border punch and their Lacy ribbon which I just love.  I'm going to see how it dies today since I have the whole day to play. 
The inside of the card I decorated with the some scrap papers and then added the verse 'They don't care if you're a boob!' Such humor I have I know but I do want them to find the cure to breast cancer and all cancer before I die.  I think its so important especially for our kids, grand kids and all mankind.

Personal journey:  It's been a while since a took a minute to chatter and I have a few things I want to say.  First off thank you Becky for the beautiful card and letter I was extremely touched by what you said.  Secondly I'm slowing trying to except the fact that Mom will never except me nor give me a kind or gentle word, I lived with that since I was a teenager and it will never be resolved.  Once again I've learned that as much as I love my Mother I don't have to like her for all the pain she brought my sister and I.   Charles finally arrived Thursday night after having engine problems and spending boo coo bucks to get the car fixed.  He brought with him Michael his companion and Harry the dog.  Harry is just a year old and wild as can be, being he's still a puppy.   Michael makes Barby dolls into brides, princess's, stunning beautiful dolls.  He hand makes clothes from the inside panties and bra to the gowns, the floral bouquets, jewelery, tiara's or hats and they are breath taking.   Charles is my brother (in law)  an has been for over 50 years.   He was always there for me growing up and he took the best care of my sister Marguerite for 49 years of marriage.   He is so smart and handy, he can figure out how to do anything.  His wisdom is amazing and he is the most gentle spirit I know.   He brought me my sister's Mustard Seed necklace and I will treasure it forever along with this I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 
'Move from Here to There and it will move.  Matthew 17:20 
Have a wonderful weekend, God Bless,

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Sandy said...

The papers you used are really pretty and I love how you tied a bow with the lace ribbon! I love too that you showed the inside of the card. Beautifully done!