Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Christmas Cactus is confused!

Look at this precious cactus, I've had this for 6 years or maybe more. My friend Tizzy bought it for me just before he passed away. Gosh how I loved Tizz (aka Wally Tisdale) he was a miner and died way to young of lung disease. Anyway each time I look up from my sink I see this cactus only my Christmas cactus is confused. It is suppose to bloom once a year around Christmas but it bloomed on Thanksgiving day and I bet it has 20 blooms still left to go.
The blooms are huge and so absolutely beautiful, it make me remember Tizz and his huge heart he never met a stranger he was such a character. I love the color of the Christmas cactus and the gigantic blooms. Well Tizz must have a hand in this plant because it usually blooms every six months yep twice a year.

This last picture is a picture of the cactus and my back yard. As you can see I still haven't raked the leaves and one of the blooms is hiding a 5 foot high pile of branches that I can't burn until I rake the leaves or I'll burn the whole place down. So now you know Tizz knew I would need a bloomin cactus to match my personality: confused and precious. Thank you Tizzy, I miss you so much.

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