Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, be safe!

I can remember how if we volunteered to work New Year's Eve we would find a covered area to sit under at 11:55 so that our patrol cars didn't get hit with stray bullets. I worked on the south side of Phoenix and all the projects and HUD homes were there. Half of those people couldn't afford to have a decent meal let alone a gun but they did and they shot them off like crazy. One year these two Hispanics were in the front yard shooting their guns in the air when one of them fell to the ground. When we arrived he was dead with a bullet hole in the head, and the worse part was the family couldn't image who would shoot the guys he was so special to everyone. We couldn't make them understand he probably killed himself with the bullets he had shot off coming right back down to the ground. It happened every year but their just won't quit shooting off guns to celebrate. Any way if your going out tonight be safe and drive careful.

This is the end of the snowman cards I made. I love snowmen but right now I've seen enough carrot noses I would bite it off if I see another one. I'm so tired of coloring them so I'll move on.

This is SU So Saffron card stock with wax paper resist on it. I like the look of it for a background and that was my last piece of paper with it so guess when I get loaded up on SU paper I'll have to take the day and do more because I really love the look. Perfect last piece of wax resist for the last snowman of 2009.
God bless you all.


Sandy said...

I'm sure you're tired of snowmen and ready to move on to Valentines! All of the snowmen cards have been cute and done with such love for a great cause! You're very talented!

Kimmiek said...

SO cute. I do so love snowmen! Glad my comments are being accepted tonight!!
Love the new woodless SU! stamps myself.

Deedee Anderson said...

I, too, love snowmen, and these cards are both adorable!! I'm so glad you've shared them. But I am right there with you about making them -- time to move on to something else for a little while. Step away and nobody loses a nose -- LOL! :-)