Monday, January 10, 2011

Cowboy up in the Snow

This is my card for today its an image I got off the Internet and the Wanted verse is from SU Wanted stamp set. It's in plain black and white and I think the snow flake background paper works with this horseback rider. Not many of you know that I use to ride horses in Arizona I actually owned 4 horses at one time. My youngest daughter and I rode on a Equestrian drill team for almost 8 years going all over Arizona, Nevada, California and both my girls loved riding horses. With my degenerative bone disease I had to give them up eventually but I still love them to pieces.

This is what I woke up too today 6 inches of snow. It's the second time in less than 3 weeks that we have had snow. Usually we get a dusting but rarely does it ever stick, their telling us we're going to get another 2 inches tonight and almost everything is closed down here. I don't think they have snow plows and any accumulation cancels any travel. Just to show you how much I believed it would really snow.....all my shovels are out in the shed out back and I have no snowboots, needless to say my driveway nor walkway will be cleaned until it melts or I can sweep it away.I've got a long driveway so I have a feeling I'll be making lots of cards and reading some of my books in my stash from So I'm enjoying the snow my little dog and cat aren't but get over it.
Remember to 'Play it Forward' and try to make someone smile at least once a day. God Bless,


Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

This is a great card, love it, perfect masculine card. The snow is pretty, we got about 4" here in TX as well and they don't have plows either, but at least it didn't stick to the roads and sidewalks. I think you have the right idea stay in and make cards. Oh that is so neat to know about you riding and owning horses.

Sandy said...

What a great masculine card!!! I think it turned out great.

The snow is ver pretty. Yes, stay in and enjoy making cards!